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Written by Jane Langdon

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Cracking the Google Code… Under the GoogleScope

Written by Lawrence Deon

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·The length ofrepparttar domain registration… is it greater than one year or less than one year?

·The address ofrepparttar 137771 web site owner. Possibly for returning higher relevancy local search results and attaching accountability torepparttar 137772 domain. ·The admin andrepparttar 137773 technical contact info. This info is often changed several times or completely falsified on spam domains; again this check is for consistency! ·The stability of your host and their IP range… is your IP range associated with spam?

Google’s rationale for domain registration is based onrepparttar 137774 premise that valuable domains are often secured many years in advance while domains used for spam are rarely secured for more than a year.

If in doubt about a host’s integrity I recommend checking their mail server at to see if they’re inrepparttar 137775 spam database. Watch for red flags!

If your mail server is listed you may have a problem ranking well in Google!

Securing a reputable host can and will go a long way in promoting your web site to Google.

The simplest strategy may be registering your domain several years in advance with a reputable provider thereby demonstrating longevity and accountability to Google. Google wants to see that you’re serious about your site and not a flash inrepparttar 137776 pan spam shop.

Googles Aging Delay has teeth… and they’re taking a bite out of spam!

It’s no big secret that Google relies heavily on links when it comes to ranking web sites.

According to their patent filing, Google may recordrepparttar 137777 discovery date of a link and link changes over time.

In addition to volume, quality &repparttar 137778 anchor text of links, Google’s patent illustrates possible ways how Google might use historical information to further determinerepparttar 137779 value of links.

For example,repparttar 137780 life span of a link andrepparttar 137781 speed at which a new web site gets links.

“Burst link growth may be a strong indicator of search engine spam”.

This isrepparttar 137782 first concrete evidence that Google may penalize sites for rapid link acquisition. Whetherrepparttar 137783 “burst growth” rule applies to high trust/authorative sites and directory listings remains unknown. I personally haven’t experienced this phenomenon. What’s clear for certain though isrepparttar 137784 inevitable end to results orientated link farming.

I would point out here that regardless of whether burst link growth will be tolerated for authorative sites or authorative link acquisition, webmasters will have to get smarter and work harder to secure authorative links as their counterparts become reluctant to exchange links with low trust sites. Now Page Rank really has value!

Relevant content swaps may be a nice alternative torepparttar 137785 standard link exchange and allow you some control ofrepparttar 137786 link page elements.

So what else does Google consider in determiningrepparttar 137787 aging delay?

·The anchor text andrepparttar 137788 discovery date of links are recorded, thus establishingrepparttar 137789 countdown period ofrepparttar 137790 aging delay. ·Links with a long-term life span may be more valuable than links with a short life span. ·The appearance and disappearance of a links over time. ·Growth rates of links as well asrepparttar 137791 link growth of independent peer pages. Again, this suggests that rapid link acquisition andrepparttar 137792 quality of peer pages are monitored ·Anchor text over a given period of time for keyword consistency. ·Inbound links from fresh pages… might be considered more important than links from stale pages. ·Google doesn't expect that new web sites have a large number of links so purchasing large numbers of brokered links will likely hurt you more than help you. Google indicates that it is better for link growth to remain constant and naturally paced. In addition,repparttar 137793 anchor text should be varied as much as possible. ·New web sites should not acquire too many new links; it’ll be tolerated ifrepparttar 137794 links are from trusted sites but it may be considered spam.

So how do you build your link popularity / Page Rank and avoid penalties?

When it comes to linking, you should clearly avoidrepparttar 137795 hocus pocus or magic bullet linking schemes. If you participate in quick fix link exchange scams, use automated link exchange software or buy hundreds of links at once, chances are Google will interpret your efforts as a spam attempt and act accordingly.

Don’t get caught in this trap…repparttar 137796 recovery period could be substantial since your host and IP range are also considered!

When you exchange links with other web sites, do it slowly and consistently.

Develop a link management and maintenance program. Schedule regular times every week to buildrepparttar 137797 links to your site and varyrepparttar 137798 anchor text that points to your site.

Obviously,repparttar 137799 links to your site should utilize your keywords. To avoid repetition use lateral keywords and keyword phrases inrepparttar 137800 anchor text since Google wants to see varied anchor text!

Your sites click through rate may now monitored through bookmarks, cache, favorites, and temporary files.

It’s no big secret that Google has always been suspected of rewarding sites with higher click through rates (very similar to what Google does with their AdWords program) so it shouldn’t come as a great surprise that Google still considers site stickiness and CTR tracking in their criterion.

What’s interesting though is Google is interested in trackingrepparttar 137801 behavior of web surfers through bookmarks, cache, favorites, and temporary files (most likely withrepparttar 137802 Google toolbar and/orrepparttar 137803 Google desktop search tool). Google’s Patent filing indicates Google might trackrepparttar 137804 following information: ·Click through rates are monitored for changes in seasonality, fast increases, or other spike traffic in addition to increase or decrease trends. ·The volume of searches over time is recorded and monitored for increases. ·The information regarding a web page's rankings are recorded and monitored for changes. ·Click through rates are monitored to find out if stale or fresh web pages are preferred for a search query. ·The traffic to a web page is recorded and monitored for changes… like Alexa. ·User behavior may be monitored through bookmarks, cache, favorites, and temporary files. ·Bookmarks and favorites could be monitored for both additions and deletions, and; ·The overall user behavior for trends and changes.

Since Google is capable of trackingrepparttar 137805 click-through rates to your web site, you should make sure that your web pages have attractive titles and utilize calls to action so that web surfers click on them inrepparttar 137806 search results.

It’s also important to keep your visitors there so make your web pages interesting enough so that web surfers stay some time on your web site. It might also help if your web site visitors added your web site to their bookmarks.

As you can see, Google’s new ranking criterion has evolved far beyondrepparttar 137807 reliance of criteria that can be readily or easily manipulated. One thing is for certain with Google, whatever direction search innovation is going; you can trust Google to be pioneeringrepparttar 137808 way and setting new standards!

Lawrence Deon is an SEO/SEM Consultant and author of the popular search engine optimization and marketing model Ranking Your Way To The Bank.

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