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Now lets consider some things that can get you banned fromrepparttar search engines, so pay close attention. These could be more important thanrepparttar 128050 things you should do.

* DO NOT use text that isrepparttar 128051 same color asrepparttar 128052 background. Now this can get tricky. Some people have inadvertently broken this rule and don't know why they were banned. Lets say your site has a white background. So obviously you won't use white text. But what if you have a table on a page that has a black background and you use white text in this table? The search engines don't knowrepparttar 128053 table has a different background. They only know thatrepparttar 128054 page background is white, and suddenly here is white text. Oops! So makerepparttar 128055 textrepparttar 128056 palest gray you can. It will still look white torepparttar 128057 viewer, butrepparttar 128058 search engines will know that its a different color fromrepparttar 128059 background.

* DO NOT hide teeny tiny text somewhere on you page. The search engines knowrepparttar 128060 viewer can't see it, and that you are trying to trickrepparttar 128061 search engines.

* DO NOT use keywords in your meta tags that are irrelevant. some people try to use 'the most searched for words' in their meta tags.... such as, sex, MP3, etc. You getrepparttar 128062 picture. Just stick to keywords that are related to your product or service. Remember thatrepparttar 128063 search engines readrepparttar 128064 content ofrepparttar 128065 page, so if you have keywords that do NOT show up inrepparttar 128066 content, you are likely to be ignored byrepparttar 128067 search engines. It doesn't make repparttar 128068 viewers happy either, if they land on an irrelevant site.

* DO NOT use flash movies, frames, java applets, or image maps. You will chokerepparttar 128069 spiders to death. This is just garbage to them. They can't read it and can't index it. You should also limit your use of javascript and cgi scripts. Javascript will push your content farther down onrepparttar 128070 page, andrepparttar 128071 spiders generally look for content nearrepparttar 128072 top ofrepparttar 128073 page.

Sometimes it isrepparttar 128074 little things that will make or break your listing inrepparttar 128075 search engines. Just use common sense. And always rememberrepparttar 128076 number one thing your site must have to get a good listing onrepparttar 128077 search engines: CONTENT! Without this, allrepparttar 128078 optimization inrepparttar 128079 world just won't do you any good.

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Using Keywords in the Body: Put Them Here, Put Them There, Put Them Everywhere!

Written by Janet L. Hall

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Please notice how I used an underscore, _ , betweenrepparttar words inrepparttar 128049 web address. You can also use a dash (-) to separate words in addresses. By usingrepparttar 128050 underscore or dash,repparttar 128051 search engines will seerepparttar 128052 words as individual words in a phrase. If not broken up, issuesandarticles,repparttar 128053 search engines see a single term, DONíT DO THAT!

4. Site Address in Links: When you are building your pages, make sure you name repparttar 128054 new pages (the htm pages) after your KEYWORDS. Letís examine one of my addresses: My domain name is and Iíve built a page about a dated filing system that I think is a terrific product, that I sell, and that I refer to as a tickler file. My keyword is tickler file. So that page is called tickler_file.htm andrepparttar 128055 address looks like this: ickler_file.htm See how I used my keyword asrepparttar 128056 name ofrepparttar 128057 htm page?

Iím still inrepparttar 128058 process of fixing some of my pages because when I made them I didnít know to put my keywords inrepparttar 128059 name ofrepparttar 128060 address. I then have to decide whether to keep repparttar 128061 old ones up onrepparttar 128062 Internet, because people might have bookmarked them, or I can redirectrepparttar 128063 person torepparttar 128064 new page. Then I haverepparttar 128065 task of resubmitting them torepparttar 128066 search engines. So, TAKE YOUR TIME when you start building other pages, carefully deciding on your keywords and using them inrepparttar 128067 address.

Okay, using this and last month's lesson, let's see what your web page should look like:


disorganized? organizing help, clutter tips, organizing tools

life you've been dreaming of, clutter free, get an overhall">

Are you sick and tired of being stressed out, disorganized, and frustrated byrepparttar 128069 clutter in your life?

let overhall consulting help you

Our website is loaded with o rganizing articles

See how I insertedrepparttar 128070 BODY Closing TAG .

This isrepparttar 128071 TAG you insert atrepparttar 128072 bottom or end of your page.

TIP: Each page on your web site needs to be given itís OWN HEAD information.

Editors NOTE: Inrepparttar 128073 examples above, anything typed in lower case should be replaced with YOUR title, YOUR description, YOUR keywords, and YOUR author and comment information. Inrepparttar 128074 examples aboverepparttar 128075 TAGS have been typed in UPPER CASE; however, this is not necessary when entering this information onto your web page. All brackets and other symbols need to be typed in as presented inrepparttar 128076 above examples. All information typed in lower case inrepparttar 128077 BODY should be replaced with your information and links.

Next time image TAGS, until then, Happy TAGGING!

The Organizing Wizard, Janet L. Hall, is a Professional Organizer, Speaker, and Author. She isrepparttar 128078 owner of OverHall Consulting, and Organizing By Phone. Subscribe to her FREE organizing newsletter at or visit her web site at

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The Organizing Wizard, Janet L. Hall, is a Professional Organizer, Speaker, and Author. She is the owner of OverHall Consulting, and Organizing By Phone. Subscribe to her FREE organizing newsletter at or visit her web site at

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