It's a Quantum Thing

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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Think that’s radical? Back in 1957, a Princeton graduate student named Hugh Everett proposed what is calledrepparttar “Many Worlds” interpretation. According to his dissertation, quantum theory (the variable behavior of atoms) is true not just for atoms but for everything—like tables, flower pots, SUVs, and even people. Everett was actually stating that these big things could, like tiny pieces of atoms, be in many places at once.

It gets wilder. Everett hypothesized that if you observe a sports utility vehicle (SUV) which is in two places at once, your mind will also end up in two states at once—one which perceives that SUV in one place, and another which perceives it in another place! So, really, there would be two versions of you and each one would perceive a world in which there is a different version ofrepparttar 122306 SUV. Not only that, but these two selves and these two SUVs don’t exist in a vacuum. They actually interact with each other!

This whole concept of multiple realities was a big boon for science fiction writers. The truth is that these ideas are generally considered plausible but not in relation to repparttar 122307 large-scale world. We don’t have a way of manifesting alternate universes full of multiple SUVs (thankfully) so we can’t really test it.

But there is one area ofrepparttar 122308 Big World (that which we can see without microscopes) that will be completely revolutionized by quantum theory, and that’srepparttar 122309 development of quantum computers. In quantum computers, experimenters are taking advantage ofrepparttar 122310 ability of particles such as atoms to be in many places at once to do many calculations simultaneously.

Talk about high-speed connections. Quantum computers could solve in seconds problems that would take conventional computers millions of years to decipher.

We’re talking WAY beyond quickly downloading your email, obviously. What does this mean forrepparttar 122311 world? What will these quantum computers do? The staggering truth is that a quantum computer will actually perform in different realities—it will be engaging huge numbers of versions of other computers in alternate universes.

Freaky, huh? But real, and coming soon—or at least, eventually.

Next time you find yourself daydreaming about how your life could be different, ramp it up a notch. Think about quantum physics andrepparttar 122312 Many Worlds theory. Consider that your life might already be different in some other reality! If it’s possible that it exists exactly as you dream it, there’s no reason you can’t create it here. And heck, you only have to do it in one universe. Piece of cake!

Make that multiple pieces.

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What Is Channeling?

Written by Skye Thomas

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So, what aboutrepparttar channeling of guardian angels, spirit guides, aliens or whoever else you might be a conduit for? How does that work? There arerepparttar 122305 proven fakes and I think what they do is horrible. We paranormal folks have a hard enough time earning credibility. So, let's look atrepparttar 122306 ones that seem real.

There seems to be two different styles of channeling. One is when an entity like Seth or Ramtha comes through and is borrowingrepparttar 122307 channel's body forrepparttar 122308 purposes of communicating with us. Psychologists are saying this is probably a form of a multiple personality disorder. My understanding is thatrepparttar 122309 channel really doesn't know that they have taken a hidden aspect of themselves and created an entirely different personality to deliver it. The psychologists making this claim do not appear to have any proof one way orrepparttar 122310 other. They are simply saying that it's a reasonable explanation. I haven't found anything to help prove scientifically that Seth and Ramtha are real or not.

The second form of channeling isrepparttar 122311 kind often found in artists. These channels say that their music, writing, paintings, speeches, or sculptures came from somewhere other than themselves. These artists go into a trance in order to channel their great works. Some likerepparttar 122312 public speaker go into a light trance remaining fully aware of their environment andrepparttar 122313 audience's response to their words, but having really no idea what they're going to say next. It's not a memorized rehearsed speech. Others likerepparttar 122314 writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, claim to be completely underrepparttar 122315 spell of their trance, almost sleeping throughrepparttar 122316 writing process. Upon finishing their work, they are amazed and curious to see what has transpired as they 'napped.' To varying degrees these artists say they have channeled their great works. Psychologists believe this happens when we have suppressed our talents from ourselves so deeply that our mind has to create a separate source to giverepparttar 122317 credit to. We are in essence tricking ourselves into getting out of our own way, so that we can dorepparttar 122318 great works we would have done anyway.

The psychologists are probably right most ofrepparttar 122319 time about both of these forms of channeling. But sometimes there are cases that just don't fit in, like Edgar Cayce's medical cures. How did he know all of that? Did he telepathically pick it up from some expert somewhere onrepparttar 122320 planet? Did he pick it up from somewhere else in time? What aboutrepparttar 122321 psychics that can tell you about your dead friends and family? They are able to prove themselves by telling you personal secrets that they couldn't possibly know. Are they telepathically picking our brains and giving us back pieces of our own memories?

Many of my childhood questions aroundrepparttar 122322 paranormal are still unanswered. I have found conflicting theories, but very little proof of anything. To make matters worse, most serious scientists wont study our questions because they don't believe us. All we seem to know for sure is that there are things we just don't understand. All we can tell you is that it feels very real to us inrepparttar 122323 moment and we believe that it's something outside of ourselves. We mean well and most of what we channel is positive upbeat and empowering. I could tell you what my guardian angels say about all of this, but isn't that sort of defeatingrepparttar 122324 purpose of discussingrepparttar 122325 scientific proof?!

Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow's Edge

Skye Thomas began writing books and articles with an everyday practical approach to life in 1999 after twenty years of studying spirituality, metaphysics, astrology, personal growth, motivation, and parenting. After years of high heels and business clothes, she is currently enjoying working from home in her pajamas. Go to to read more of her articles and to get a free preview of one of her books.

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