It's Your Home Business - Will it Sink or Swim?

Written by Michele Miller

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Post inspiring quotes and verses in your home business area.

Don’t allow friends and family to drop by and take up your time. Inrepparttar beginning, I had friends that thought because I worked from home that I could sit around and chat with them all day long… It’s amazing that they think this, but they do. Be firm with them. My friends now know that they had better call before they “pop in for a coffee”, and I do tell them “no” if it’s not convenient. Lazing around watching TV or chatting with friends is 100% guaranteed to help SINK your business.

Another time taker isrepparttar 150709 telephone. I screen my calls and letrepparttar 150710 machine pick up almost all day, unless it is about business. Caller ID was a super investment! It will help your business to have Caller ID. I promise.

Mentally remind yourself from time to time that one ofrepparttar 150711 reasons your home business can fail is procrastination. The fear of this should help keep your business onrepparttar 150712 right track.

I think you know what bad employees can do to a business; be careful who represents you/works for you.

If you don’t have time to do your work and work your business, it’s bound to SINK! Don’t let other aspects of life get inrepparttar 150713 way. Surerepparttar 150714 car needs washing,repparttar 150715 laundry needs doing,repparttar 150716 house needs cleaning, you need to get other things done, but not during business hours. The key here is to PRIORITIZE properly and take your business seriously.

Try and get some daily exercise. It refreshes you and clearsrepparttar 150717 mind. It will help you stay positive. Plus, it’s good for you.

Network with other “successful people” who own a similar type of business. If you are having trouble finding these people, try your local Chamber of Commerce, or just contact other business owners. Try to learn from people who have been successful; make sure they’ve walkedrepparttar 150718 walk before you take their advice.

Taking this advice will hopefully give you some ideas about keeping your business afloat, swimming, and very successful.

To Your Success!

Michele Miller is a home-based business owner and a medical transcriptionist. She is also the author of an E-book about how to become a home-based medical transcriptionist. You can visit her website at:

Start a Medical Transcription At Home Career!

Written by Michele Miller

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Basic bookkeeping is necessary, but not difficult. A good bookkeeper is great to have when it comes to taxes and advising you about saving money with tax deductions for your business.

Medical transcription is usually paid byrepparttar amount of work transcribed. Therefore, it is quite normal to charge your clients byrepparttar 150708 line. If you charge 13 cents per line and type 200 lines per hour, (this is a very comfortable speed to type) your hourly rate would end up being about $26.00.

Being self-employed does have some pitfalls. One must consider, as with any home based business, that once you become self-employed you are responsible for securing your own health insurance, and putting away money for retirement.

However, there are many positive things about being self-employed, as I’m sure you can imagine. For me, what I loverepparttar 150709 most, isrepparttar 150710 flexibility I have with my time. If I want to work late inrepparttar 150711 day I can, and if I want to work early inrepparttar 150712 morning, that’s up to me. Running a home-based medical transcription business is a lot of fun.

Medical transcription is not for everyone, and it is important before venturing in to any business that you weigh uprepparttar 150713 pros and cons of it all and do what is best for your situation.

Michele Miller is a home-based business owner and author of an Ebook about starting a medical transcription business.

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