It's Not a River in Egypt

Written by Dave Balch

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Denial is what we do when we just can't facerepparttar truth. It is very real, but it does nothing to fixrepparttar 117715 problem. Did Peter's denial ofrepparttar 117716 failure of his seminars change anything? Did my denial of eroding revenue change anything? YES! In both cases it made a bad situation worse.

Two things happen when you are in denial. First, you have more anxiety because you haven't examinedrepparttar 117717 situation enough to know how bad it really is. No matter how bad it is, it's easier to deal with if you know where you stand. Second, there's a pretty good chance that delayingrepparttar 117718 solution will makerepparttar 117719 problem worse, maybe even completely unsolvable. By denyingrepparttar 117720 problem, you may be passing up a golden opportunity to fix it. Easily.

Do you have a situation that is too scary to deal with? Deal with it anyway.

Do you have a situation that is too embarrassing to face? Face it anyway.

Deal with it. Face it. Get it over with. You can't make it worse; you'll only make it better. You'll feel better too.

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In Praise of Thinking Small

Written by Elena Fawkner

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So, think small. The smallerrepparttar better. The smallerrepparttar 117714 less competition you have. What is it that you're interested in, good at, expert of, that others may also be interested in? Maybe you're mad for old lamps. Create an auction site just for old lamps. Maybe you were a grief counselor in a previous life. Create a web site devoted to helping people cope with and transcend grief. Perhaps you're a stay-at-home parent. Create a community-style web site for other stay-at-home parents who are looking to connect with other people inrepparttar 117715 same situation. It doesn't matter. Just think small. Think about what pushes your buttons. Then take that and create something fabulous that's all yours. Something unique.

When it comes to generating an income from your web site you have a few options. Affiliate programs are a good choice for a site that generates decent traffic but make sure you select programs that are relevant torepparttar 117716 subject matter of your site and your site visitors. Sure, you may have fewer of them to choose from, but because ofrepparttar 117717 specialized nature of your site and, hence, your site visitors, your market is much more highly targeted than a more general audience. Therefore,repparttar 117718 conversion rate (the ratio of site visitors to purchasers) will be commensurately higher. (It's also, I might add, a LOT easier to achieve a high search engine ranking for keywords that aren't being competed for by 99% ofrepparttar 117719 webmaster population!)

In addition to promoting relevant affiliate programs, it's a natural extension to your site to start publishing an ezine on a regular basis. Becauserepparttar 117720 subject matter of your ezine is NOT Internet Marketing (which nine out of ten of everybody else's are), you are more likely to produce a worthwhile read for your targeted audience (include a sign up form on your web site so your site visitors can subscribe in addition to marketing your ezine as a separate "product"). You can advertise your affiliate programs in your ezine, accept paid advertising, and promote your own products. Just three ways to generate an income. Another is to charge a subscription fee.

Finally, once you've been going awhile, it's time to start thinking about creating your own products. E-books and other products that can be delivered electronically are always a good choice but your product line will depend onrepparttar 117721 subject matter of your site. You may sell beaded jewelry, for example.

The point is, whatever you choose asrepparttar 117722 subject matter of your site,repparttar 117723 narrower you keep your focusrepparttar 117724 better. Trying to be too much to too many only guarantees you'll be too little to too few. Including yourself.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur.

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