It's Not The Traffic You Get - It's The Customers You Keep!

Written by Paula Morrow

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Combinerepparttar offline withrepparttar 125044 online world, and you'll stand apart (if not stand alone!)

*Think of ways you can be extra thoughtful. Does your product require batteries? Tuck in a pack, so that your customer will be able to start using it immediately upon delivery. The financial outlay will be made back in goodwill - do you think they'll feel really great aboutrepparttar 125045 experience? Just think ofrepparttar 125046 referral potential!

Modest Expectations + Overdelivery = A Happy Customer

Always promise less, and give more. Error onrepparttar 125047 side of caution concerning delivery times, repairs, exchanges...then call or email them withrepparttar 125048 good news thatrepparttar 125049 process will actually take less time than expected. The faster you can deliver,repparttar 125050 happierrepparttar 125051 customer.

Worst case scenario? That you deliverrepparttar 125052 product withinrepparttar 125053 promised time frame.

A Word About Advertising...

Asrepparttar 125054 hype continues to fly online, customers have developed a healthy case of skepticism. They're rapidly becoming immune to over-the-top claims. Don't fall victim torepparttar 125055 temptation of hype or spin. Honesty in advertising will give you a fighting chance.

Also, with hype, you risk having a disappointed customer. And have you ever noticed how a person likes to share his or her bad experiences with others? This ripple in a pond effect is real. Online, where news travels fast, this could be devastating to your reputation and business.

So, to end, it's not about getting more traffic - it's about gaining a customer. Obviously, there's time and cost involved in converting a prospect. So, once they decide to come onboard, do everything you can to keep them!

Paula Morrow heads Ideal Marketing Corporation, specializing in information products and training for newbie netpreneurs. Subscribe to IDEALProfits, now read in 12 countries, and receive 5 bonus ebooks!

We'll Get Back to You

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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"Please be assured.." While spellings, sentence structure and other grammatical functions change in different cultures or societies, politeness and courtesy never does. If you say "Thank you" with a smile, it will be read "Thank you (with a smile)" atrepparttar other end of your communication as well. Saying "I'm sorry for a delay in shipment" and a brief explanation will bring repeat business and a good relationship with a customer faster than silence will. Also, you know how annoying having someone say "I'll call you right back" and then they never do can be. It'srepparttar 125043 same with e-mails and overrepparttar 125044 internet responses. Frustration levels increase with each automated response that saysrepparttar 125045 same thing, and then somone never does. Well if you're upset over non-return calls, then so will your customers.

Discourtesy seems to be onrepparttar 125046 rise in concrete business and government communication. You ask for information, raise a question, or present a concern, andrepparttar 125047 pat "We'll get back..." strikes that thought inrepparttar 125048 back of your mind, "Sure you will." Don't let this malady creep into your internet business world, or let it fester into poor service or total disregard forrepparttar 125049 customer, withrepparttar 125050 exception of their spending their hard-earned money to purchase your product or service.

If you don't try to providerepparttar 125051 basics in polite business practices,repparttar 125052 next "I'm sorry" may be fromrepparttar 125053 customer when you try to close a sale, or worse yet, "We'll get back to you." You can't bank on that one, and you know it. ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 July

Arleen M. Kaptur has written numerous articles, motivational booklets, books (fiction/non-fiction)

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