It's Just the Guys

Written by Deborah Willis

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OK, you still go home to your lady who's waiting so patiently. But now your mind is onrepparttar girl you left behind inrepparttar 149826 club and you're thinking of what might have been. Even though you haven't been physically unfaithful to your partner, you may already have committed adultery in your mind.

But nothing happened, you protest. Maybe not this time and maybe even not next time. Butrepparttar 149827 seed has been planted. And your woman knows this. She knows intuitively and sensesrepparttar 149828 subtle changes which have occurred in your relationship. She may smellrepparttar 149829 lingering scent of perfume and she knows that scent wouldn't be there unless you were having physical contact with someone else.

Even withoutrepparttar 149830 telltale scent of another woman, no matter how cleverly you may think you're hiding your thoughts, you can't keep your lady from sensing something has changed. She may not tell you, but now her mind is working overtime and she's thinking things over. She may not behave as if anything is different betweenrepparttar 149831 two of you, but deep inside her she knows something has changed.

Before you know it, she's accusing you of infidelity because she senses it and sees allrepparttar 149832 signs of it. It doesn't matter if it really happened or not. The point is, you've subconsciously given her some subtle sign that, for one brief moment, your thoughts were on another woman and now she has reason to doubt you...especially if she detectedrepparttar 149833 scent of strange perfume on your shirt. That alone is allrepparttar 149834 reason she needs to be suspicious.

An occasional night out withrepparttar 149835 guys will usually not make a huge difference in your relationship, particularly if your lady is open-minded and understanding that you need your time withrepparttar 149836 guys. But if you tell her, in so many words, that you are going to continue going out withrepparttar 149837 guys on a regular basis whether she likes it or not, she's simply going to think she's not very important to you and other things in your life will take precedence over your relationship with her. That is not a good seed to plant in her mind if you want to have a long-term relationship with her.

Most women don't want to control your life or take over your life completely. After all, she needs her time away from you as well. She does, however, want to berepparttar 149838 center of your life and more important to you than anything else. If you regularly show her she's your first priority, it goes a long way toward building a strong, healthy, trusting relationship with her. By never giving her reason to feel insecure inrepparttar 149839 relationship and proving to her you love her more than anything or anyone else, she will never have any reason not to trust you andrepparttar 149840 love you share will become even stronger.

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The Loveliest Las Vegas Wedding Reception

Written by Randy Wilson

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Not everybody will be able to attend your Las Vegas wedding reception, but they can still be there in spirit! Something that has become very easy in recent years is to set up web cams to broadcastrepparttar wedding ceremony and reception overrepparttar 149659 Internet. It really is worth considering, because you can save thousands of dollars if enough of your more "distant" friends and relatives can settle for viewing your virtual wedding online. Isn't technology great? Some hosts are more tech-savvy than others, so be sure to inquire about this service before assuming it can be provided as part ofrepparttar 149660 package.

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