It's How (Not If) We Live That Counts

Written by Thom Rutledge

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of last month’s terrorist attacks onrepparttar United States, we hear story after story of courage inrepparttar 131431 face of great danger and not-so-good odds. I have asked myself, “Would I have acted as admirably as these good people?” Of course I want to think I would, but I cannot predictrepparttar 131432 future, and I think it would be a mistake to underestimaterepparttar 131433 power ofrepparttar 131434 self-preservation reflex given imminent danger. I do believe that to not act as these otherwise ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances have acted would certainly be a classic case of missingrepparttar 131435 point. And I believe that regardless of how I might or might not have acted on September 11, 2001 had I been aboard Flight 93, speeding across Pennsylvania air space, aimed at a Washington D.C. target, for instance,repparttar 131436 likelihood of my acting with that level of courage at some future time has been significantly increased thanks to their example.

How I might (or you might) act in some future extreme circumstance is very likely never to be known. But how we act today will be known, maybe to other people, but most definitely to myself and God. The displays of courage in our day to day lives will forrepparttar 131437 most part not be dramatic or flashy --- not remarkable at all --- but these arerepparttar 131438 choices of behavior that will determine whether or not we ultimately “get it,” or missrepparttar 131439 point.

And I’m pretty sure it ain’t about money and cars.

Thom Rutledge is a psychotherapist and author of several books. His new book, Embracing Fear, will be available June 2002. Contact:, or

Invest in Positive Possibilities

Written by Thom Rutledge

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It takes a lot less effort to believe that I am due a windfall soon --- that God surely has some success waiting just aroundrepparttar corner for me --- than it takes to invest in believing in myself inrepparttar 131428 nitty-gritty real world. Don’t get me wrong. I know that “somebody has to winrepparttar 131429 lottery,” and I see no harm in believing that it will be you. That is, I see no harm in expectingrepparttar 131430 long shots as long as you are also investing your valuable energy in believing in yourself inrepparttar 131431 course of your daily life.

If you identify with any of this, try this: Imagine that you are visited by a human-energy-efficiency expert who can evaluate how you invest your valuable daily allowance of energy. (This consultant is of course just a new member to your ever expanding inner-committee.) Like a good consultant, follow yourself around for a day or two, observing and making some notes. Then, fromrepparttar 131432 perspective ofrepparttar 131433 consultant, make a list of recommendations for how you might use your daily allowance of mental energy more efficiently and constructively.

In my experience, most people hire consultants, get their recommendations, then ignore them. I suggest that you listen to this one.

Thom Rutledge is a psychotherapist and author of several books. His new book, Embracing Fear, will be available June 2002. Contact:

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