It's Finally Here!

Written by Doug Bower

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We do have large and ample caging with tarps big enough to cover most American Sports stadiums, protectingrepparttar birds. But here is what we are up against.

We have to keeprepparttar 147619 tarps inrepparttar 147620 ready position to be able simply to pull down overrepparttar 147621 aviaries whenrepparttar 147622 rain begins.

"Why don't you just keep them covered allrepparttar 147623 time?" you ask.

The reason is that right beforerepparttar 147624 daily storm hits,repparttar 147625 air heats up to being able to boil water. This would, of course, cookrepparttar 147626 birds. We cannot have that at all. Therefore, we have to pull allrepparttar 147627 tarps up sorepparttar 147628 birds can have air to breathe and not cook. Then whenrepparttar 147629 rains hit, we have to run out there and pullrepparttar 147630 covers overrepparttar 147631 whole aviary.

4. Washing clothes—don't ever get my wife started on this nightmare. Each rainy seasonrepparttar 147632 water that comes out ofrepparttar 147633 taps turns a nice nicotine brown. This is becauserepparttar 147634 mountain rains are so heavy that they overwhelmrepparttar 147635 city's water purification plants with muddy river water.

(This notion of a "water purification plant" is an oxymoron since you cannot drinkrepparttar 147636 water anyway unless you want some amoebic parasite taking up residence in your gut!)

We combat this issue with a water purification system for which we paid dearly, making it possible to drink fromrepparttar 147637 tap. But this does not work forrepparttar 147638 washing machine.

So my poor wife washes clothes that will have a brown tint to them untilrepparttar 147639 rainy season is finished.

Life as we knew it has now changed. This is our third rainy season. It is an easy trade off.

I know what you are thinking,

"Why do you live there if it is like this?"

Two reasons:

1. It only lasts 10-12 weeks.

2. Doesrepparttar 147640 name "Osama Bin Laden" ring a bell?

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Skinny Disney: Eating at Walt Disney World without blowing your diet

Written by Leslie Clevenstine

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Many ofrepparttar counter service restaurants have moved beyond your basic hamburgers and hot dogs to offer soups, salads, wraps, chicken sandwiches and fruit. You’ll also find a fruit stand at each ofrepparttar 147618 four Disney World theme parks for an alternative to ice cream or chips for a snack.

Here’s a small sampling of what you can find at counter service restaurants: Stir fry chicken and rice at Chakranadi Chicken Shop inrepparttar 147619 Animal Kingdom Tabbouleh wrap atrepparttar 147620 ABC Commisary at Disney-MGM Studios Seared tuna on mixed greens atrepparttar 147621 Sunshine Season Food Fair at Epcot (lots of good choices here) Vegetarian chili atrepparttar 147622 Columbia Harbor House atrepparttar 147623 Magic Kingdom

If your dietary needs go beyond low calorie or vegetarian dining, such as certain food allergies (wheat, shellfish, eggs, etc.) or kosher dining, contact Disney dining services (407-WDW-DINE) at least 48 hours before you plan to dine for information, advice, and ordering special meals.

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