It's All in the Links!

Written by Dale Sexton

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A product that gathersrepparttar links and puts them directly into HTML format is:

QueryN MetaSearch v2.1,,000UBZ,.html

You have your web page with of links, now you need to submit it torepparttar 128396 search engines. Of course,repparttar 128397 best way of doing this is to go to each search engine site and submit to them individually. If you need to save time, these submission tools work great:

Submitta Standard 1.1

CybeRat v1.4

PageCrafters Submission Services

Here is a good tool for gathering new reciprocal links. Be sure to add those new links to your database.

Link Crafter v1.020

For me, this isrepparttar 128398 'piece de la resistance' (what ever that means). It will copy any URL from any clipboard application till you tell it to stop. Put this piece of software in copy mode and copy links tillrepparttar 128399 cows come home.

URL Manager 2000

It's all about makingrepparttar 128400 work easier, more productive. Now you can have more time for relaxing, or maybe for more work. Sheesh!

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Success on Foreign Search Engines Made Easy and Possible

Written by David Gikandi

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Now that we have seen whatrepparttar 'foreign terrain' looks like and how accessible and exciting it really is, let us look at how to take our web site abroad easily. This is a three-step process.

Step one is to get together all our keywords in English. Make a list of allrepparttar 128395 words and phrases that people mostly use to find you on search engines. Once you have this list, go to some free online translation sites and translate your list into allrepparttar 128396 necessary languages. You can translate them free using machine translation services, although for better accuracy you would want to pay for human translation. The site mentioned above has a free tool that brings about 30 languages together. To start with, translate into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. There are free machine translators onrepparttar 128397 web for all these languages.

Step two is to have these translated keywords on your site. There are three ways of doing that:

The easiest and cheapest way is free. It is not as effective, but it is far better than doing nothing. All you do is insert these translated keywords into your site pages title tag (very important) and Meta keywords and description tags, plus inrepparttar 128398 body text and headlines of your pages. That alone is far better than having a 100 English site.

The other thing that you can do is still more effective. This is making pages for each language. The cheapest way to do that is to use these free machine translators online to translate each of your web pages. That translation will not be too accurate but it is good enough. Better accuracy is achievable through human translation services. Once you have all your pages translated, be sure to link them together from your home page. Byrepparttar 128399 way,repparttar 128400 instant translators described above are great for giving speakers of a wide variety of languages instant local language translations of your site, but because these translate onrepparttar 128401 fly, they do not help in your foreign search engine efforts. Only static built pages are indexed.

The best effectiveness is obviously achieved if you can make a page optimized for each keyword and for each language. These are optimized doorways in each language and keyword - and their effectiveness is just as great asrepparttar 128402 effectiveness of English doorways. The easiest way to attack such a task is to use a combination ofrepparttar 128403 free translation services we have talked about and doorway generation software such asrepparttar 128404 one at What you would then need to do is to make up a long paragraph text in English, translate that along with your keywords, then plug them into PositionWeaver or similar software and in minutes you have optimized pages in any language of your choice!

Step three in our strategy is to submit our new multilingual site to not onlyrepparttar 128405 usual English search engines, but also torepparttar 128406 foreign search engines. Many ofrepparttar 128407 big English engines have localized editions and if they don't they still index foreign language pages. The foreign engines also exist, although you may never have heard of them. Do not assume that all Germans or Japanese, for example, use Google, AltaVista and Hotbot like you do. They may never even have heard of these, preferring to use their own engines. Do some research into this to find out what each country or peoples use. You can submit to these engines but of course becauserepparttar 128408 users primarily search in their language, a purely English site would be totally lost in them. But luckily, now you know how not to be purely English.

Well, then, my great explorer friend! Go out and conquer foreign lands for your financial gain. I wish you great enjoyment in your adventures! Adios!

David Gikandi, CEO (a search engine optimization software developer) and co-CEO, a new, globally targeted SMS text messaging and mobile phone services company. If you wish to have an instant translator on your site, see

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