It's About Energy, Not *Free Vs Pay*

Written by Susan James

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The thing to consider is that this will not only show up in your e-commerce business, but it will show in other parts of your life as well.

Money is a resource just like Air. WE were not taught that we would run out of air, and we have to save our *air* for a rainy day. We were not taught to be restrictive with our use of our breath.

And if you rationalize that money is a thing, and air is not. Then entertain this. Abundance is not a thing. Prosperity is not a thing. It is an essence that shows up. It simply is. You can not touchrepparttar essence of abundance but you can touchrepparttar 117779 many ways it appears in your experience, one of which is money and its different venues.

We have been *taught* to guard our money, because we may lose it, and we may need it for some awful thing that happens, or for some future investment. (That whole sentence is full of *lack energy* , *lower light*, *lower vibration & frequency statements*. You will keep gettingrepparttar 117780 same thing!)

I've had my own evolving process over this, overrepparttar 117781 years. Its why many what society calls rich kids, remain wealthy like their parents. They did not grow up in an environment that said: *We don't have enough money.* (Its not about being born with a Silver Spoon in their mouths.)

Ever wonder why you read stories of lottery winners, who end up poor, or with other problems, even tho they have money? Itsrepparttar 117782 perception of lack still prevailing in their minds as a radio signal to consciousness, still stuck onrepparttar 117783 station of lack.

You can waste your time and energy, and I do mean energy, pointing fingers at your family and your environment, or you can POINT your Energy and bring yourepparttar 117784 abundance you seek !

Consciousness contains a Gold Mine of all and everything we could ever desire. We *mine* that Gold by using our energy on purpose and teaching ourselves how to use it to benefit, instead of always having to try and pickup broken pieces of our lives.

Please: Go torepparttar 117785 trouble to teach yourself how to mold your life on purpose. Understandrepparttar 117786 mechanics behind it all. Then it wont matter what changes from free to pay. It wont matter how much something costs because you wont focus onrepparttar 117787 cost. You will know where to place your focus in *energy* terms, which is quite often different from what Psyche 101 and Business & Marketing 101 might be telling you. (end/sj)

Susan James writes of *User Friendly Physics* to design our lives by; from Dreams come True to Weight Loss: **Manifesting 101& Beyond Essays & Tools for Creating** All Bookstores: (Paperback)

Cereal Mom

Written by Sharon Davis

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Or, while trying to convince a potential client how you would be repparttar best choice if heís looking for quality, professional results your 2-year-old is proclaiming proudly, "I went poo-poo Mommy!" over and over.

I've known others who have tried to mask their true work environments using some creative metaphors. For example: "As soon as my colleague completes his current assignment" really means..."As soon as my 5-year-old is done with his Mr. Potato Head CDRom" "We'll be outsourcingrepparttar 117778 finishing work" really means..."My teenaged daughter will be earning her allowance by collating and stapling your reports" "I have an urgent matter to attend to" really means..."My 3-year-old has been awfully quiet forrepparttar 117779 past few minutes and she was recently asking for a haircut"

Does this mean I should lock my kids in their rooms while Iím on repparttar 117780 phone? While that can at times seem like a perfectly sensible idea, usually basic time management helps to avoid these situations. My view is that if a client thinks that repparttar 117781 quality of my work will be less just because I have children, he can look elsewhere.

Maybe Iím shuttingrepparttar 117782 door on some business, but I refuse to have my children feel that they come second. And I do, in fact, think of myself as a Mom first, and a business owner second. Besides, I think thatrepparttar 117783 day is getting nearer that people really wonít mind their projects delivered with a few soggy Cheerios on them.

-------------------------- Sharon Davis is the Mother of two girls, the owner of http://www.2Work-At-Home.Com and the Editor of the site's monthly ezine, America's Home. In her spare time she reminisces about what it was like to have spare time. Subscribe to her free ezine here:

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