Itís Not Your Fatherís Climbing Frame!

Written by Ian Wide

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Made popular by such manufacturers as Playskool and Little Tikes, plastic climbing frames are made of high impact, sturdy plastic that can withstand weather and rugged use. Bright colors, rounded corners and clever designs make plastic climbing framesrepparttar perfect choice for toddlers and small children. Generally closer torepparttar 142447 ground, it often features holes and tunnels for crawling and climbing, broad-based support for safety and slides with rounded rails to prevent tumbles.

Finally, there are hybrids - metal frames with wooden structures or plastic components like crawling tunnels and climbing walls. These are most often found in public playgrounds, but there are some available to build in your backyard. They may be based on a metal frame with a wooden structure or canvas tent, or have a plastic crawling/climbing tube up to a wooden platform.

Considerations when buying a climbing frame for your back yard or garden includerepparttar 142448 age ofrepparttar 142449 children,repparttar 142450 amount of use it will get, aesthetic considerations and safety features. A well-constructed climbing frame, whateverrepparttar 142451 material, is one ofrepparttar 142452 best investments you can make for your family's recreation needs.

Ian Wide contributes to many sport and leisure sites such as climbing frames and trampolines.

Last Minute Seaside Holiday in UK in Private Caravan on Suffolk Coast

Written by Liz Toone

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A Suffolk holiday has something for everyone from sandy beaches, swimming pools and fishing trips to beautiful marshland walks, historic castles and too many museums to mention. The popular resort of Great Yarmouth andrepparttar old fishing port of Lowestoft are a short drive away fromrepparttar 142446 holiday park. Broadland Sands alongrepparttar 142447 Coastal Road at Corton near Lowestoft, is great for a fun packed family holiday or a quiet weekend break, with an unspoilt coastline and beautiful villages for you to explore. Caravan Holidays Just 4 U still have some availability for Summer 2005 and are now taking bookings for Spring and Summer 2006. Just call or email to check availability.

For further information visit our website at For information on Broadland Sands a full colour brochure is available from Tricia Pomfrey - just callrepparttar 142448 number below or email Mrs Tricia Pomfrey. Tel: 01234 823553

For more information contact Tricia Pomfrey on Tel: 01234 823553 or visit

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