It’ll Feel Better When It Quits Hurting

Written by Timothy Whitt

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Well I hoped it was functional and it appeared from my observation to be put together correctly. Well it looked likerepparttar picture onrepparttar 140133 box. Now as to how well it would hold up underrepparttar 140134 rigorous use of little children remained to be seen because no children had actually played on it yet.

My week, of what I thought would be rest, turned into one of a lot of sweat, toil and pain. In fact I was in agony for a couple of weeks because I had used muscles I did not know I even had all inrepparttar 140135 name of putting together a swing set that had as it was written onrepparttar 140136 box” some assembly required’, but you know once I got over that pain and watched those children playing on that swing set it was all worth it.

That isrepparttar 140137 same way life is, sometimes we go through a lot of pain and suffering and do not understand why, but later when we look back we see that there was something we learned from what happened to us. It may be some small truth or something that we can build on later butrepparttar 140138 point is we have learned.

I know I learned a few things from putting that swing set together. One do not believe in instructions that say some assembly required, because they actually should say you are going to spend days trying to figure out what these instructions mean. Two, be careful ofrepparttar 140139 weatherman when he says sunny and warm. Three, get a couple of guys who know what they are doing to help you put together whatever it is you are assembling and then provide them with support and a lot of water and lemonade.

A writer and consultant from PA. I do freelance writing ss well as business consulting.

Just The Fax, M’am

Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

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I boughtrepparttar machine but determined not to userepparttar 139159 fax part. After all, somebody has to stand up for what they believe. Not everybody should succumb torepparttar 139160 latest trend.

I was doing fine until ending up inrepparttar 139161 hospital. When I got out, I needed to fax a document torepparttar 139162 hospital. Now I faced a taxing dilemma.

Do I go torepparttar 139163 office store and fax my document, or do I try out my new printer/copier/scanner/fax machine?

Precedence finally gave way to convenience. I took my document to my new machine and figured out how to fax it torepparttar 139164 hospital.

Not being confident in my technical knowledge, I calledrepparttar 139165 hospital office to check onrepparttar 139166 faxed document. Much to my surpriserepparttar 139167 person onrepparttar 139168 other end said in a very cheery voice, "Yes, I haverepparttar 139169 faxed document right here in my hand."

I must admit, although I hate doing so, faxing from my house was much easier than going torepparttar 139170 office store.

I now knew how to fax a document anywhere inrepparttar 139171 world, but I had nothing to fax to anyone inrepparttar 139172 world. I just stood there looking at my machine trying to think of something to fax.

Even though I knew how to fax a document, I still did not know how to receive a fax.

Several days ago, a friend called and said he had a document he wanted me to have right away. He then askedrepparttar 139173 ominous question, "Do you have a fax machine?"

I began to say no, but hesitated and confessed I had a fax machine but did not know how to receive faxes. It was humiliating to make such a confession, but it was true.

"It's simple," he said, "hang uprepparttar 139174 phone and I'll dial again and letrepparttar 139175 machines talk to one another."

This caused no small discomfort. To think these machines are talking to one another behind my back is most disturbing. What are they saying about me behind my back?

Now that I come to think about it, I have heard sounds similar to snickering coming fromrepparttar 139176 general direction of my printer/scanner/copier/fax machine. I don't mind Big Brother watching over me, but I do mind some machine making jokes with other machines about me.

When it comes to "new things," God isrepparttar 139177 master. This is what He promises to do for us. "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." (2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV.)

Put that in your printer and fax it.

Reverend Snyder is currently ministering at the "Family of God Fellowship" in Ocala, Florida. More of his articles are available for reprint at his website: Rev. Snyder is available as a guest speaker. He writes a weekly column and is the author of "You Can Always Tell a Pastor; But Not Very Much " available at:

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