Isn't It Time to Give Yourself Permission?

Written by Lois Galloway

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But I have to tell you, I decided to put myself out there and took her up on her offer. And after three weeks of consistent training, I started to feel very comfortable. In fact, I felt extremely comfortable, energetic and especially proud of myself. It was great!

Now after 8 months of working out I am really seeingrepparttar benefits and am so happy that I tookrepparttar 151070 chance and gave myself permission to step outside my comfort zone.

Here's some permission slip ideas you might want to incorporate into your own life.

Permission to do something that pleases YOU. (Yes, that's right, something that pleases you, how wicked!)

Permission to say no. (Not always easy to do but WOW,repparttar 151071 benefits are tremendous.)

Premission to take an occasional day off from whatever it is you do. (And remember, stop checking those emails.)

Premission to check your emails. (Ok, ok, I'm guilty of this one too.)

Premission to become that fearless person you have always wanted to be. (This is BIG but so worth developing.)

Sorepparttar 151072 moral of this information is that YOU arerepparttar 151073 only one who can sign your own permission slips.

What will they be? Will you give yourself permission to have some fun days, take a day off and enjoy it with a friend, give yourself permission to have a day with no interruptions, a day to kick back and just read?

All of these are possible, you just need to developrepparttar 151074 skill and use it!

Lois Galloway is a Professional Coach. Lois is also the founder of Discover Yourself Coaching. To learn more about how you can shift into high gear and move forward in your life and to sign up for her monthly newsletters, visit

How to be a man or women of integrity?

Written by Carl Cholette

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The man who fearingrepparttar loss of present pleasures or material comforts, deniesrepparttar 150993 Truth within him, can be injured, and robbed, and degraded, and trampled upon, because he has first injured, robbed and degraded, and trampled upon his own nobler self; butrepparttar 150994 man of steadfast virtue, of unblemished integrity, cannot be subject to such conditions, because he has deniedrepparttar 150995 craven self within him and has taken refuge in Truth. It is not repparttar 150996 scourge andrepparttar 150997 chains which make a man a slave, butrepparttar 150998 fact that he is a slave.

Slander, Accusation, and malice cannot affectrepparttar 150999 righteous man, nor call from him any bitter response, nor does he need to go about to defend himself and prove his innocence. His innocence and integrity alone are a sufficient answer to all that hatred may attempt against him. Nor can he ever be subdued byrepparttar 151000 forces of darkness, having subdued all those forces within himself; but he turns all evil things to good account - out of darkness he brings light, out of hatred love, out of dishonour honour; and slanders, envies, and misrepresentations only serve to make more brightrepparttar 151001 jewel of Truth within him, and to glorify his high and holy destiny.

Letrepparttar 151002 man of integrity rejoice and be glad when he is severely tried; let him be thankful that he has been given an opportunity of proving his loyalty torepparttar 151003 noble principles which he has espoused; and let him think: "Now isrepparttar 151004 hour of holy opportunity! Now isrepparttar 151005 day of triumph for Truth! Though I lose repparttar 151006 whole world I will note desertrepparttar 151007 right!" So thinking, he will return good for evil, and will think compassionately ofrepparttar 151008 wrong-doer.

The slanderer,repparttar 151009 backbiter, andrepparttar 151010 wrong-doer may seem to succeed for a time, butrepparttar 151011 Law of Justice prevails;repparttar 151012 man of integrity may seem to fail for a time, but he is invincible, and in none ofrepparttar 151013 worlds, visible or invisible, can there be forged a weapon that shall prevail against him.

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