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Lighting Probablyrepparttar most popular control category.Our products are various from regular fluoresences to downlight, from normal switches to timers and dimmers and to control them from anywhere inrepparttar 133324 house (or world viarepparttar 133325 phone and IP server).

Security Systems & Access Control The system can be connected to security system to monitor and controlrepparttar 133326 system status. You can setrepparttar 133327 activated period of time or used IR receiver to detectrepparttar 133328 suspicious motion aroundrepparttar 133329 house so all lights are on or alam will ring as you want it to be.

Phone Systems AllLight products includerepparttar 133330 device to connected to a local home phone, with caller ID and a smart controller you can turn on/off all electrical appliances in distance.

Irrigation Have your sprinklers turn on only when it's dry. Some of our customers even turnrepparttar 133331 sprinklers on when there's motion inrepparttar 133332 yard at unwanted times - imagine someone trying to explainrepparttar 133333 wet clothes torepparttar 133334 police!

Networking Smart home can be accomplished using a simple connectivity as telephone cable. If you are building new, or doing a major remodel, please consider adding networking, audio, video and control wiring while it is easy and relatively inexpensive, later on you'll be happy you did.


AustinDetek Inc becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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AustinDetek announcedrepparttar release of its FTMS Office Edition to demonstraterepparttar 133323 company’s task management industry leadership and commitment to process excellence by providing business-users with those managerial capabilities crucial torepparttar 133324 support of large-scale, standards-based field-task management deployments.

FTMS Office Edition will once again setrepparttar 133325 industry bar for standards-based field- task management deployments.

AustinDetek's innovative task management solution helps companies to migrate from a traditional approach to a cost-effective but simplistic and user-friendly solution in cutting-edge technology and is fast emerging as a major player inrepparttar 133326 task management arena.

You can find more information regarding AustinDetek products at


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