Is your site being ignored by search engines?!

Written by Hani Banna

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2) Publishrepparttar static pages: your content is now in a static format which is search engine ready. Publish allrepparttar 128202 static pages into a new directory on your web site.

3) Create a master page: you are now ready to submitrepparttar 128203 static pages torepparttar 128204 search engines. You could submitrepparttar 128205 static pages one by one. Instead, you can create a master page which contains links to all ofrepparttar 128206 static pages. This means that onlyrepparttar 128207 master page needs to be submitted torepparttar 128208 search engines. The search engines will then crawl throughrepparttar 128209 rest ofrepparttar 128210 pages.

4) Submit torepparttar 128211 search engines: all you have to do now is submitrepparttar 128212 master page to allrepparttar 128213 major search engines. That’s it!

Nowrepparttar 128214 big bonus! If you performed your searches in a clever manner (1 above), you will have keyword specific static pages. These will produce amazing traffic from search engines as they will be rated very high.

If you have some lengthy content pages you might want to break downrepparttar 128215 static pages into 3 levels: articles, list of articles and a master page, for example.

Within two to four weeks of submitting your mater page you should see some impressive traffic from your category specific static pages.

It is then just a matter of refreshing and resubmittingrepparttar 128216 static pages at regular intervals, monthly would be sufficient.

Most importantly, keep it simple for yourself, if a single static page is enough, leave it at that. If you have time, plan out how you can getrepparttar 128217 most value out of your content.

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Get Listed in Yahoo Becomes Easy

Written by King Lui

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8. Ensure your site does not have obvious grammatical and spelling mistakes. It underminesrepparttar credibility of your web site, and thus,repparttar 128201 chance of being accepted in Yahoo.

9. Your site must have sufficient original content. Your site at least consists of 5-6 pages.

10. The navigation system is easy to follow and clear.

Yahoo Submission

1. You need to suggest 1-2 categories, title, and description to Yahoo.

2. You need to spend time in selectingrepparttar 128202 most suitable category. If you cannot selectrepparttar 128203 correct category, I'm sure that you cannot get listed. A guideline I can give you is that you should find out your competitors and see which category(ies) they are being placed. Then, follow it. If your site is a business site, you must place it under one ofrepparttar 128204 sub-categories of ¡§Business and Economy ¡§.

3. Use your official business name as site title. Title should not compose of more than 5 words.

4. The description should be written within 25 keywords. It is much better to write it within 10-18 words, stuffed with relevant keywords. If it is written too long, Yahoo's editor may completely change your description. Even though you can get listed then, you cannot get any significant traffic becauserepparttar 128205 description has no relevant keywords. 5. Do not submit too frequently to Yahoo or else your site will be regarded as spamming. You may never get listed then. You can re-submit your site only if you get no response from Yahoo 6 weeks after your first submission. If you submit your site 2 times without response, send a follow-up email to You may get some response, but there is no guarantee.

6. If you have paid US$199, and your site has been rejected. You have a chance to appeal within 30 days. Don't appeal too early. Check your site thoroughly before you make an appeal because you have only one chance.

7. If your site is accepted, you will receive a notification from Yahoo. Bingo!

To be honest, we don¡¦t want to payrepparttar 128206 US$199 submission fee. However, unique visitors number of Yahoo is No.1 in repparttar 128207 world, it is deserved to spend effort and money for getting listed. So, considerrepparttar 128208 fee is an advertising expense.

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