Is your marriage strong enough for the Swinging Lifestyle?

Written by Gin

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above are all reasons why NOT to enterrepparttar swinging scene. The lifestyle WILL NOT fix a marriage already in trouble, it may actually add torepparttar 141517 existing problems. Use your time and resources contacting professionals who can help you to get your marriage back on track before attempting to become active inrepparttar 141518 lifestyle.

Gin is a Syndicated Columnist and Author for The Swinging Lifestyle

Infidelity: How “My Marriage Made Me Do It” is a Cop-out

Written by Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach

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4. Ifrepparttar “marriage” is dead, why inrepparttar 141068 world would one choose to have an affair? Talk about jumping fromrepparttar 141069 frying pan intorepparttar 141070 fire. It really is stupid. You add a whole layer of deceit and shame that eventually will result in consequences more dire than approaching your spouse and saying, “I’m really unhappy. What I’m doing with you obviously is not working. I want out.” Oh well, maybe some people need more problems and suffering.

5. Ifrepparttar 141071 “marriage” is bad, obviously, I don’t have to look at me. I can blame “it” orrepparttar 141072 other. Some of us find it difficult to look at me. Some of us don’t know how to look at me. Some of us never think of looking at me.

Tip: If your partner/spouse is having and affair and blames it onrepparttar 141073 “marriage,” don’t buy into it. The “marriage” is notrepparttar 141074 problem. You are notrepparttar 141075 problem. Your spouse/partner choserepparttar 141076 affair out of ignorance, fear or inadequacy.

The “My Marriage Made Me Do It” is just one of 7 affairs outlined in my E-book, “Break Free Fromrepparttar 141077 Affair.” For more information onrepparttar 141078 issues behindrepparttar 141079 other kinds of affairs and tips for dealing with them, go to:

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