Is your domain costing you traffic?

Written by Nicholas Dixon

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For almost four years I marketed a free website that was hosted on Geocities. My “domain” spelt out which made marketing feel like running with an anchor tied to my legs. I can’t even imaginerepparttar amount of traffic and credibility that I lost due to that single factor.

Does it work? It can and sometimes it won’t. I believe that having a domain with too many words in it can be a turnoff just like having a Geocities site. It seems unprofessional for a company to have a name that contrastsrepparttar 108242 credibility that they are trying to create.

Some domain names are like a cargo train several comportments long. Why? Since some search engines do not give any significance torepparttar 108243 meta keyword tag, some webmasters fill their domain with their keywords.

A good domain does not guarantee success as I found out. But a memorable and easy to spell name can be beneficial to both you and your visitors. You can have an easier time reaching them and they will have an easier time finding you with a quick type in of your domain.

I think it is best to put your keywords for each page in your file name. That way you,repparttar 108244 search engines and your viewers all win.

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Choosing A Domain Name

Written by Lester Boey

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Domain name registrations are cheap to maintain and subscriptions typically last a year. The subscriptions are renewable and paid to registrars byrepparttar design companies.

The most common domain names end with .com, .net, etc. Country specific domain names will end with,,, etc. For organisations, domain names will end with .org or be country specific-,, etc.

Not sure about domain names and web sites? Seek web professional help.

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