Is your career classified 3F?

Written by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

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Focus requires learning time management skills and creating a career-related support system. You can learn to move toward your dream in fifteen-minute chunks. A coach can help you feel less alone duringrepparttar early stages.

Finally, financial blocks are real, not psychological. I have recommend taking a career freedom inventory to add up all your resources, not just money. Sometimes a unique skill or a dynamite network can substitute for a bulging savings account.

Atrepparttar 131379 same time, face your own tolerance for financial uncertainty. Some people sleep soundly with a zero-balance checking account, trustingrepparttar 131380 universe to payrepparttar 131381 rent. Others get nervous when their checking account falls below five figures -- torepparttar 131382 left ofrepparttar 131383 decimal point.

After years of researching and working with transitioners, I believerepparttar 131384 complexities boil down to transforming yourself from 3-F to F-M: Forward-Moving.

As you work through each block, you gain a powerful burst of energy and insight. To change metaphors, think of moving a boulder off your ravel lane on a highway. Now nothing stops you from moving full speed ahead! You need your rear view mirror only to see how far you've come.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. author, career coach, speaker "When career freedom means business" Ezine: Career Freedom Ezine --

You Deserve a Love Like This

Written by Rinatta Paries

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Theirs is a love that accepts unconditionally and transforms each one to be more powerful and alive than before. Theirs is a love that encourages growth in each other, through which both evolve. Theirs is a love that will be remembered inrepparttar middle of strife, inrepparttar 131367 middle of sorrow and inrepparttar 131368 middle of joy. These two will go deeply emotionally. No words, thoughts or feelings will be left unexpressed. Theirs is a love that will endure.

I have seen relationships like this before. My husband and I have this type of relationship, and I know others who do as well. A relationship like this is rare, but it shouldn't be. Love, acceptance and passion like this can belong to everyone.

What does it take to create such love in your life? It takesrepparttar 131369 willingness to grow and evolve. It takesrepparttar 131370 willingness to know yourself. It takesrepparttar 131371 willingness to ask for what you want and to leave nothing unsaid.

I want and wish this for you. It is your right to experience a connection this deep and this fulfilling. Do everything in your power to make sure your life has a love like this.

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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