Is your Identity REALLY safe?

Written by Ken Burnett

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If you receive strange or suspicious inquiries asking for your account information to verify a statement or confirm an award or prize your bank and report this immediately.

Times have changed overrepparttar years. It is suggested that you no longer attach outgoing mail to your mailbox for pickup. Instead, deliver it directly to an official Post Office or postal collection box. This is one ofrepparttar 147220 easiest ways a thief can steal your identity.

If you notice that your regular bills have stopped coming, find out why. Callrepparttar 147221 company to verify. Someone could have filed a false change of address to re-direct your information to his or her address.


By protecting yourself using these simple steps, you can help prevent would be identity theives from accessing and gaining your identity.

These days Identity Theft is making HUGE headlines inrepparttar 147222 News. Always be on guard to detect and prevent any would-be theieves from stealing your Identity. No one wants to suffer malicious damages caused by someone posing as you or cleaning out your bank accounts, running up debt on credit cards, or any number of other unauthorized acts.

These threats are REAL ! Hundreds of thousands of people are victimized by these crimes every year.

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5 Things To Know About The Stock Market

Written by Alan Korber

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Most Individual Investors Fail Over time, most individual investors fail to achieverepparttar stock market success they would love to have. This is due to many factors, including lack of knowledge, lack of time and effort, lack of a good strategy that works, and emotional decision making.

Can You Beat The Market? Investing in stocks can be a very rewarding experience, financially and emotionally. If you do it right. Withrepparttar 147219 right effort,repparttar 147220 right knowledge, andrepparttar 147221 right strategy, an individual investor can do extremely well in today's stock market, and, as a result, realize a brighter and richer financial future.

Alan Korber is a private investor and the creator of the Korber Strategy, a simple and easy stock market strategy that uses certain parameters to identify stocks that have the highest potential return with the lowest acceptable risk. As an individual investor he uses his own strategy and the stocks he buys normally generate up to 50% or more annualized return. For more info go to

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