Is there a right time to publish on an intranet?

Written by Steve Nichols

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So core periods of between about 10am until noon and 2pm -3pm seem favourite.

But my own experience shows that mornings are usuallyrepparttar busiest as workers attend to mail, e-mail and generally clearrepparttar 140349 decks. This is not a great time for checking intranet news feeds, unlessrepparttar 140350 stories are short and torepparttar 140351 point.

My experience withrepparttar 140352 IC e-zine tends to bear these findings out. I am able to monitorrepparttar 140353 response torepparttar 140354 e-zine in minute detail and in real-time too. As soon as it is published I can see how many people are reading it and what they are clicking on. The difference in readership between editions that have been published during mid morning and mid afternoon have been dramatic.

The consensus seems to be that about 2.45pm on a Wednesday afternoon isrepparttar 140355 sweet spot. Even so, I can guarantee that I will receive "out of office" responses from around 5% of recipients, proving that you will never catch everyone allrepparttar 140356 time.

Either way, "when" you publish must be as important as "what" you publish if you expect people to read it.

If you publish corporate material on an intranet presumably you want staff to read it. Yet how many communicators really think about when is the right time to publish for maximum impact? Steve Nichols of InfoTech Communications takes a closer look.

How To Get Directories To Submit Your Site - With This 5 Steps Guide !

Written by Lakhya Phukan

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Have fun hunting for directories!

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