Is the internet insecure because of You?

Written by Steve Cash

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3) Hide your IP address: Your IP address is just like your phone number, it links directly back to you. There are many reasons you may wish to hide your IP address. Preferable you do not want to be tracked aroundrepparttar web, it’s just as bad as having a GPS in your mobile phone.

I have found a great tool that gives free anonymous surfing: Primedius. This tool is free for a limited time. I don't guarantee this service but I believe it performs to basic anonymous web-surfing standards.

4)Check those certificates: Your internet connection is not secure,repparttar 142977 data that travels between you andrepparttar 142978 site you may be browsing may pass through over 25 other computers. If you are sending very confidential information such as credit card payments, make surerepparttar 142979 address starts with an https. Also check thatrepparttar 142980 padlock on your browser is locked, and is valid forrepparttar 142981 specific site. This will ensure that you have a 128 bit encrypted connection withrepparttar 142982 website.

If you want secure email you may also have your emails encrypted too. A good free vendor is Hushmail. Your email security is more at risk than your web browsing; you must ensure your emails are safe.

5) Killrepparttar 142983 spyware Spyware are little programmes that can easily be picked up by surfing any website or downloading files. Spyware can pickup information from where you surf to your credit card details, this information then can be sold.

Microsoft has released a beta version of their upcoming anti spyware removal tool. This too works well, and I highly recommend this tool. Zonealarm also offer a free online spyware detector.

The information I have passed to you should be seriously considered. The internet is a very unsecure environment; you must ensure your data is safe from outside prying eyes. Make sure you are careful with any transaction you make. Never fool for any kind of email promotion, anyone who tries to sell to you through spam advertising is not trustworthy. Also make sure to checkrepparttar 142984 links from anything you click on, I have found numerous fake Paypal sites that try to steal your login and password.

Remember... it is up to you!

Steve is the owner and operator for Private Mail Services. We endeavour to keep your personal life totally safe and private. © Private Mail Services 2005

Finding Hope In Trying Times

Written by Dr. Rita Louise

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Today,repparttar pressures being experienced are not only coming from our personal lives but also from a much larger community -repparttar 142872 world of big business andrepparttar 142873 political arena. As we watch what is going on inrepparttar 142874 world we may think “What can I do to change or affect what is going on?” Unfortunately, in our state of hopelessness,repparttar 142875 answer we receive is “nothing”.

Because we believe our lone voice will never be heard, we end up conceding torepparttar 142876 futility of fightingrepparttar 142877 establishment. And in our sea of inner disquiet we realize that we are being coerced into accepting a system which does not support us andrepparttar 142878 greater good of society. It is from this perspective that we surrender our power and feel we are unable to bring about change.

It is said, that it is alwaysrepparttar 142879 darkest beforerepparttar 142880 dawn. For many of us,repparttar 142881 truth is we cannot even seerepparttar 142882 light atrepparttar 142883 end ofrepparttar 142884 tunnel. We are living inrepparttar 142885 midst of darkness, hoping and praying for evenrepparttar 142886 faintest glimmer of light to emerge. And so while this period in human history may not be fun, there are many blessings that will come from it.

The good news is hopelessness causes us to go within. It forces us to reflect and evaluate our lives. It provides usrepparttar 142887 opportunity to uncover steps necessary to alter our life course. As a result, we find a strength which helps to build our inner resolve and restore our faith.

We also have to realize that we are not alone. There are countless millions who are feeling trapped, hopeless and atrepparttar 142888 end of their rope. Whatrepparttar 142889 “Powers-That-Be” don’t realize is that it is only a matter of time before they push us far enough into a corner that we will have no choice but to take a stand. When that happens, it won’t matter what they say or want us to do. When we determine enough is enoughrepparttar 142890 strength of our unity as a whole will make a difference and a change will begin on all levels.

So for all of us,repparttar 142891 sick,repparttar 142892 tired,repparttar 142893 forlorn, remember…It’s just a matter of time. Things can’t keep goingrepparttar 142894 way they are. Change is inevitable. So whether today, tomorrow or next year, we must letrepparttar 142895 light shine into our darkened tunnels to liftrepparttar 142896 veil of hopelessness and despair. With this newfound sense of hope, we will be able to walk peacefully throughrepparttar 142897 darkest of night. We will find through our renewed courage, fortitude and sense of self that we will be able to create a world of change.

© Copyright 2005. Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Rita Louise, Ph.D. is the author of the book “Avoiding the Cosmic 2x4” . It is it is her unique gift as a medical intuitive and clairvoyant that illuminates and enlivens her work. Let Dr. Louise help you bring health healing and wholeness back into your life. Visit or call (972) 475-3393 for more information.

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