Is the "IronPort" Whitelist Actually An Extortion Tactic Targeting Small, But Legitimate Email Marketers?

Written by Jim Edwards

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I was underrepparttar impression we were already paying to receive email... and last time I checked, there was no place to put a stamp!

Okay, even if we make it past that and we acceptrepparttar 109541 argument that legitimate emailers should have to pay a fee in order to get on that big "whitelist inrepparttar 109542 sky" somewhere... there are still two very important considerations here:

1. First, what aboutrepparttar 109543 little guy who starts doing really well?

You know,repparttar 109544 small newsletter publisher who puts out a great ezine or fr-e report or whatever, and gets a lot of subscribers and then wants to broadcast email to them on a regular basis?

Let's say they start making $20,000.00 a year from their ezine... are they now supposed to shell out 6-10% of their earnings in order to get their messages through? (And that's if they never get a fine!)

Do they have to be penalized for being successful?

Apparently so if this system gains widespread acceptance by allrepparttar 109545 big ISP's and email service providers!

2. Second, what aboutrepparttar 109546 high potential for abuse atrepparttar 109547 hands of unethical competitors and just plain jerks that populaterepparttar 109548 Internet!

I know it might seem hard to believe, but there are psychos out there who will sign up for a bunch of free email accounts just so they can make trouble.

(This is not paranoia! I had a user who signed up, definitely opted-in from my website, hadrepparttar 109549 emails routed through a SpamCop address so I got blacklisted by SpamCop until I could get it straightened out. Oh, and guess who owns SpamCop... IronPort, that's who!)

Now, some idiot making waves with 100 email accounts won't put a dent inrepparttar 109550 pockets of most big players inrepparttar 109551 email arena... for them it'll just be a business expense.

But forrepparttar 109552 case ofrepparttar 109553 "little" guy, fighting that potential abuse and those fees could seriously cripple and even kill a fledgling enterprise... and that, in my opinion, is a serious problem.

In my opinion, all this is going to do is cut outrepparttar 109554 little guy and make it easier for big companies to emailrepparttar 109555 hell out ofrepparttar 109556 rest of us.

A small newsletter publisher will find it cost-prohibitive to pay forrepparttar 109557 service, and some giant company will just keep pumpingrepparttar 109558 email out because they haverepparttar 109559 staff and resources to fightrepparttar 109560 inevitable complaints.

And let's face it, if a big company is paying a $10,000.00 a year licensing fee plus posting a $4,000.00 bond, how aggressive do you thinkrepparttar 109561 IronTrust people will really be to get rid of them?

In my opinion, not very.

In conclusion: Despite my ranting, I actually think this is a step inrepparttar 109562 right direction (albeit a wobbly, drunken, and inconvenient step).

Something has to be done to fight spam.

However, at this point, this whole system has (in my opinion) too many unanswered questions, especially for us little guys.


~ Do I really need to do this if I'm a little guy operating and growing a newsletter?

~ What happens if I get unfounded spam complaints?

~ At what level does it make financial sense for me to do this?

~ What if my newsletter isn't a big profit generator... am I supposed to give uprepparttar 109563 revenue I do create just to get my emails through?

To their apparent credit, Yahoo! is also trying to pioneer a solution, but this one doesn't appear (at this point) like it will cost publishers or subscribers any money (and I likerepparttar 109564 sound of that).

But with so much at stake (on both sides), this issue is a far cry from any satisfactory resolution.

Stay tuned for further updates as events warrant...

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links... Click Here>

Email Marketing Strategies That Work

Written by Philip Lim

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This is one ofrepparttar untapped arenas of email marketing.

So many web sites have 'frequently asked questions" sections, or information on how to find whatrepparttar 109540 client is looking for.

Why not use your emails to offer this information in a lively, informative manner?

It may be justrepparttar 109541 push that gets a potential client to click on your site, and decide to buy, if they discover in an email that you send that you are offering a special holiday discount, or are adding extra software torepparttar 109542 package you're selling.

Strategy Three: Use Your Email Signature EVERYWHERE.

Whether you are sending an email to your Aunt Mary, or are participating in an online email discussion list, always, always include your web site URL and email address in your signature (unlessrepparttar 109543 online list rules forbid this).

This is automatic advertising for your business, and is an effective method of letting people know that you're online, and ready to receive mail from them.

Send Greeting Cards. If you have a regular email client list, they will most likely welcome a friendly greeting card from you during holiday time.

This is a great method of helping them remember you, to wish them a happy season, and to let them know about seasonal promotions.

They key to success with this method, of course, is that these are from your opt-in list; they know you, and have agreed to receive regular communications from your firm.

Don't try this with strangers, or they will be offended, and accuse you of SPAMMING them.

Hold a Contest. You can use email to hold a contest, and to offer prizes to winners.

This is one method of increasing interactivity, and to increase interest in your newsletter or ezine.

Ifrepparttar 109544 contest is at your physical location offline, you can still use email to let your customers know that it's going on, and to encourage them to participate - and to get others to sign up as well.

Strategy Four : Market Your Newsletter or Content in Ezines and Newsletters.

There are literally thousands of ezines (online magazines) and newsletters available today, devoted to almost every conceivable topic.

Do you provide wedding planning? Findrepparttar 109545 ezines that address engaged couples and wedding planning, and place an ad in one.

Most ezines and newsletters are quite inexpensive to advertise in (some will even give you a free ad if you write an article for them, or will trade ads with you if you publish a newsletter).

But some ofrepparttar 109546 extremely large ones do charge hefty rates.

The good news? These rates are much, much less than ads in print media ...

Where do you find ezines and newsletters?

There are several directories for ezines and newsletters available online.

You can find ezines at, or at www.bestzines,com and newsletters at,,, and , to name just a few ofrepparttar 109547 better-known directories.

Create your own newsletter, online course, or ezine.

Want people to perceive you as an expert in your field?

And to market your firm effectively?

Then you will want to consider creating your own ezine or newsletter.

This is a highly effective email marketing tool for several reasons:

o It helps you build your email list

o You can place your own ads in it, and promote your services or affiliate programs

o People will see your web site address, your logo, and a link to your programs in each email that you send them. They will openrepparttar 109548 emails, because you are providing them with articles and information that they want (unlike SPAM, which gets deleted immediately).

By using email as part of an overall marketing plan, you can increase your firm's brand identity, improve customer relations, and help getrepparttar 109549 word out about your online (or offline) business.

Philip Lim is the editor of which is dedicated to teaching newbies or beginner marketers to internet marketing the ropes. Enroll into our free 10 days intensive email course: "Strategies for Internet Marketing Success".

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