Is the Demand for San Felipe Real Estate Signaling Another Baja Real Estate Boom?

Written by Ron Scott

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ďThen there isrepparttar cost of living which is easily a third of what it costs to live in just about any American city. A retired couple living on a $1,000 Social Security income can live a life of luxury here. Taxes are extremely low, fresh seafood is abundant and inexpensive, medical services and medications are a third of what they are back home,Ē Garcia says.

Eric also points to growing speculation - an increased awareness thatrepparttar 142707 northeastern Baja coast line may very well prove to be onrepparttar 142708 verge of a prolonged land rush much like that which took place in Cabo San Lucas several years ago. "The demand for real estate in Cabo San Lucas is still high, but sales have slowed considerably becauserepparttar 142709 prices there have sky rocketed," he says. "That isnítrepparttar 142710 case for San Felipe real estate, as least not yet," he added.

For those unfamiliar withrepparttar 142711 area, San Felipe is located in Baja California, just a four hour driving distance southeast of San Diego, an hour more from Tucson. A quiet fishing village with a population of 28,000, it is rapidly becoming one ofrepparttar 142712 preferred destinations for American and Canadian vacationers and retirees looking for a lay back, stress free lifestyle. "Right now about 50% ofrepparttar 142713 resident population comes fromrepparttar 142714 U.S. and Canada," Garcia says. "Our projections indicate that that percentage will probably double inrepparttar 142715 next five years."

Twenty years ago a boom in Baja real estate started in Cabo San Lucus, a city onrepparttar 142716 southern most point of Baja. The likelihood of a San Felipe real estate boom is even more real because ofrepparttar 142717 village's proximity torepparttar 142718 U.S. border andrepparttar 142719 Mexican government's commitment torepparttar 142720 continuing development ofrepparttar 142721 Nautical ladder.

Individuals wishing to obtain more information about this Baja real estate opportunity are encouraged to contact Eric stateside at (888) 647-5292 or throughrepparttar 142722 on-site San Felipe real estate office at 011 52 (686) 577-0822, viarepparttar 142723 email address inrepparttar 142724 right column or by visiting

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Time Management Tips to Help You Have a Great Summer

Written by Carole Pagan

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Girls, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The shave minimizing lotions work great too. I havenít had a male volunteer to see if they work for reducing facial hair growth. Any volunteers?

If you end up with small bits of light laundry, and darker clothes, but not enough for a load of each, those color grabber sheets really do work Ė except for red clothes. The ones that seem to run forever. Nothing seems to work for those L. Donít chance mixing reds or new denim with lights. But aside from that, you can get away with mixing withrepparttar color grabber sheets as long as they can all be washed in repparttar 142657 same temperature.

Make it a point to get outside every day. I take a walk with my daughter andrepparttar 142658 puppy every night that sheís home. We get out, enjoyrepparttar 142659 weather, get some exercise, and talk Ė away fromrepparttar 142660 distractions of TV, radio, telephone, or computers. Sometimes weíll swim or go to a friends house for a barbeque.

You really want a drastic way to increase your time? Not many of you will do this one- Disconnect your cable TV. Youíd be amazed at how much timerepparttar 142661 television takes away from your life. While not many of you would be brave enough to not have TV inrepparttar 142662 house at all, at least turn it off once in a while and go do something! Donít watch life on TV Ė go live it!

If youíre working at home Ė donít forget you have a life too. Find ways to be more efficient. Donít read junk emails. Donít wander aroundrepparttar 142663 net checking out this and that. While youíre working, be working. When itís time to spend time with your family and tend to your life Ė get away from repparttar 142664 computer and do it.

Plan time off. Time that you will not work. Time thatís just for fun. Yes, work is important. Yes, your goals are important. But time off is also important. When you take time to play- youíll actually come back refreshed, full of new ideas, and more productive.

Use these tips to manage your time, and have a great summer!


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