Is it a Real Business or a Hobby?

Written by Dan Milam

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5 ways to build your business:

1.Write informative newsletters with Tips and Ideas and most important, describe your business to get your subscribers to click through and visit your website every time they read your newsletter.

2.Start an email campaign by advertising your newsletter to build a subscriber list. Use an autoresponder for this and then have your newsletter delivered on weekly intervals to your subscribers.

3.Be onrepparttar look out for new and informative ideas and add that content to your website, so your subscribers will come back to see what is “New”.

4.Write articles about your business or ideas you have that may be of interest to others. Post your article(s) to websites, so readers will click through to your site for your newsletter and build your relationships.

5.Be personal with your subscribers and not just a pitch man selling junk. Be helpful to anyone that has questions. Be a coach, a teacher and a friend.

The fun is just beginning. Build your business as fast as you fell comfortable. Look for forums and work groups that discuss online businesses and you will find many helpful people.

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Home Based Business Marketing - Getting the Word Out

Written by Charles Fuchs

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Some other ways to market your home based business offline that are quite inexpensive are flyers, circulars and posters. You can make these types of marketing materials on your own computer, then post them around town and leave them in places where there are likely to be people who want your product and/or service. Marketing materials like these are much more effective than you might think and are a great way to reach an untapped market for your home based business. However, if you’re leaving flyers in a business or office be sure to get permission first. You don’t want them to just get chunked inrepparttar trash!

Other home based business marketing materials that tend to be a bit more costly are brochures, radio commercials, billboards and television commercials. But they might not be as expensive as you think, especially if you’re focused on a particular small area. For brochures and billboards, you will want to hire a good graphic artist to create them, and you’ll also need to buy media placement forrepparttar 143336 billboards. For commercials for your home based business, both radio and television, you’ll need a copywriter to write a script unless you plan on writing it yourself. You’ll also need a producer to record or shoot your commercial. You’ll also have to buyrepparttar 143337 media placement for it. Many small local advertising agencies in your area can do all of this for you at a moderate charge. Some agencies that are just starting out themselves may be willing to give you a discount to help advertise their own service. Just make sure their agency has a reputation for quality—likerepparttar 143338 one you’re developing for your own home based business!

Charles Fuchs

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