Is it Possible to Download Music Legally Anymore?

Written by Jeff Schuman II

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Now you can download music and you knowrepparttar basic price per month for non-burnable songs. However, most people download music so that they can burn their favorite CD with a variety of songs. Transferring these songs onto a CD or a personal MP3 player will cost you even more. Many sites offer packages for songs capable of burning as oppose to a set price per song.

For example, Pressplay offers 5 burnable songs for $5.95, 10 burnable songs for $9.95, 20 burnable songs for $18.95, and then on top of those prices you are still required to payrepparttar 110010 monthly fee to userepparttar 110011 program. MusicNet offers a package for $17.95 a month that comes with unlimited downloading music and 10 burnable songs.

There are other sites such as that is priced at 99 cents to download a song and there is no monthly fee, but you must own a Mac in order to do this. Sites such as,, and all offer free music to download and burn. The catch is that these sites offer a majority of unknown artists and songs.

Withrepparttar 110012 exception ofrepparttar 110013 last few sites I have mentioned, you will find a relatively large selection of music to choose from in all of these sites. Not one ofrepparttar 110014 sites offers less than 300,000 songs to choose from with all ofrepparttar 110015 biggest names inrepparttar 110016 music industry such as Eminem, Britney Spears, and even oldies such as Elvis, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra.

There are websites out there that are 100% legal for you to download music at. The question now is how much money are you willing to pay to download all ofrepparttar 110017 hottest songs today, and are you willing to pay extra to put those songs onto a CD?

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Know the Odds

Written by Karla Dalton

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Let it Ride comes inat -3.5% expectancy, so for every $100 you wager, you only get $97 back long term. This actually compares favorably with roulette, which has a negative expectancy of 5.3%. Onrepparttar big wheel, $100 gambled brings back only $94.70 long term. Slot machines are close to this, coming in at best case -2.7% expectancy, but be warned! Some slots will only return $80 for every $100 you put inrepparttar 110009 slot - avoid these machines likerepparttar 110010 plague!

Perhapsrepparttar 110011 most surprising result is for online video poker, whererepparttar 110012 expectancy can get as high as +1% - for every $100 bet, between $93.70 and $101 can come back. What does this mean torepparttar 110013 gambler? You should head over to to find out!

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