Is it Lust or Love?

Written by Deborah Willis

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1. Do you share similar ethics, values, and morals? 2. Do you find it easy to talk to one another and can you talk freely about almost anything? 3. Do you enjoyrepparttar time you spend with one another, regardless ofrepparttar 149808 activity? 4. Do you enjoy evenrepparttar 149809 most mundane activities when you are together, simply because you ARE together? 5. Do you have a genuine concern forrepparttar 149810 happiness, safety, and well-being ofrepparttar 149811 other person? 6. Are you able to work out any differences you may have with this person torepparttar 149812 satisfaction of both of you? 7. When disagreements arise, are you able to discuss them openly and frankly without losing your temper? 8. Do you find yourself longing for this person's presence in your life in terms other than a sexual relationship? In other words, do you feel a need simply to be with that person and spend time with them even without having sex? 9. Can you laugh together and at one another, share jokes, and generally have fun together? 10. Does spending time with this person make you feel good about yourself? 11. Does this person give you a heightened sense of self-confidence and vitality? 12. Can you look at this person even when they are at their worst in their physical appearance (such as when they are sick) and not feel repulsed? 13. Do you share a strong mutual respect for one another? 14. Are you willing and able to share both good times and bad with this person and work through life's ups and downs together as a team?

There is a very fine line between lust and love becauserepparttar 149813 two of them are closely related. Being able to tellrepparttar 149814 difference can save you from wasting your time pursuing an unhealthy relationship which is doomed to eventual failure.

If your long-term goal is to seek out a partner with whom you can build a solid, lifetime commitment, knowingrepparttar 149815 difference between lust and love is an essential and vital skill you'll want to master. Learning to accept a relationship for what it really is can meanrepparttar 149816 difference between a broken heart and a happy, fulfilling, lifetime of bliss with your partner.

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Men Should Avoid The Grand Manipulator

Written by Deborah Willis

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She playedrepparttar game well and knew just which buttons to push and when with this man. Eventually, after promising to marry him,repparttar 149696 poor bloke bought her a car and put it in her name. Bingo! She got what she had wanted all along and a mere ten days later she suddenly broke it off with him, leaving him baffled as to what he'd done wrong.

Actually, his only crime was believing in her and falling for her ploy. I really felt sorry forrepparttar 149697 poor guy because he didn't even see it coming.

There are methods a man can use to distinguishrepparttar 149698 "grand manipulator" fromrepparttar 149699 good girls who only want to be loved and nothing more. There are signs to look for and indications right fromrepparttar 149700 start of any dating relationship which will tell a man whether or not she'srepparttar 149701 "right" kind of girl.

If soon after meeting a lady she begins to tell you sob stories about her poor, pathetic life it could be an indication she may be looking toward you to rescue her in some way. It's a man's natural instinct to jump in and berepparttar 149702 "hero". But don't offer to help her too quickly because you may becomerepparttar 149703 unwary victim of another "grand manipulator" yourself.

Deborah Willis is the author of ATTRACT WOMEN -- The Average Man's Guide To Attracting, Dating, Loving, and Maintaining Relationships with Women. For more down-to-earth advice for men visit

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