Is a Web Site Builder Right for You?

Written by Joe Duchesne

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Is access to a web site builder worthrepparttar extra monthly or yearly cost?

When you know that you want to be making lots of little or not so little changes torepparttar 148693 text and images on your website, a site builder is well worthrepparttar 148694 expense. Consider what it would cost for you to hire a professional web designer to first createrepparttar 148695 web site, than to make regular changes torepparttar 148696 site. These costs can easily run intorepparttar 148697 thousands per year. A good web site builder costs much less than that.

Need a quick, no nonsense approach to building your website? A web site builder may be justrepparttar 148698 things you're looking for.

Joe Duchesne is a partner in a web hosting company called Yowling offers a web site builder for $25 per month that is really easy to use yet very powerful. Reprint freely as long as you keep the keyword rich link in this resource box.

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Written by Stephen Hill

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Once they have produced what hopefully is an outstanding website you then need to ask them if they would include a link to your homepage from their own website, preferably their homepage. Search engines these days take these backward links into consideration when they decide where to position your site in their results. As a general rule of thumbrepparttar more backward links you haverepparttar 148386 more visitors to your site you atre likely to have.

If you want to promoterepparttar 148387 website even further, google adwords is a favourite of mine. This is where you pay to be seen onrepparttar 148388 right hand side ofrepparttar 148389 results in Google, inrepparttar 148390 sponsored search section.

Stephen Hill is a web designer from Birmingham. He has a website at

Stephen Hill builds websites and an example of his work is at

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