Is a 2-Tier Program Affiliate or MLM?

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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So where does a 2-tier program fall? Almost every program that describes itself as 2-tier, does not require any fee to participate. Givenrepparttar definition of affiliate programs and our more detailed definition of MLM above, a 2-tier program does not comfortably fit in either category. So what is it? A 2-tier program is actually a multi-level affiliate program. What do I mean by that? Like MLM, you will be rewarded for introducing new sellers torepparttar 102417 program, usually by receiving a small percent of their commissions. Like an affiliate program, your profit is based onrepparttar 102418 sales you and your referrals generate as opposed to membership fees or referral bonuses. As with an affiliate program, participation in a 2-tier program is also completely free.

Distinguishing multi-level affiliate programs from MLM In theory, if a program meetsrepparttar 102419 two requirements of basing revenue on sales and allowing free participation, it is a multi-level affiliate program whether it has 1,2, or 10 tiers. Conversely, a program that only offers 2 tiers but charges a membership fee is an MLM attempting to disguise itself. So when investigating online income opportunities, don't get caught up inrepparttar 102420 hype ofrepparttar 102421 number of levels a program offers. The real litmus test of a sound compensation plan: your revenue should be based on sales. When you get a check, either you brought in a paying customer or someone in your downline did.

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Super Affiliate Strategies Part 2

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

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Even though this is an effective strategy, you don't want to confuse your lost visitor with too many options. If you do have too many options on your custom error page, this strategy may backfire on you. So, I recommend that you limitrepparttar amount affiliate programs on your custom error page.

Automated Messages

If you are currently using any type of automated message, then you would consider promoting your affiliate program with them. Promoting your affiliate program in your automated messages is a great way to make additional affiliate sales and it works well too. When I say an automated message, I mean any type of automated message, whether it is an invoice, newsletter confirmation, faq, etc.

The trick is to promote an affiliate program that is associated withrepparttar 102416 message. For instance, if you have a newsletter about web marketing tips and you send your new subscribers an automated confirmation message. Then you would want to promote a product that was related torepparttar 102417 theme of your newsletter, in this case, it would be web marketing.

The same can be done with an invoice automated message, in fact, it works very effectively. Why? Because they have already bought something from you and they are still inrepparttar 102418 mood to buy. By feeding on your buyer's impulse, you can literally watch your affiliate sales skyrocket. You need to make sure thatrepparttar 102419 affiliate program you are promoting is associated with your invoice message, or this strategy will not work effectively.

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