Is Your Website Blacklisted?

Written by Niall Roche

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When an IP address (dynamic or fixed ) is reported for sending spam it's added to a blacklist. There are three different types of blacklists:

Temporary An IP address placed on a temporary blacklist will have email coming from that IP address blocked for several hours. After a few hoursrepparttar offending IP address is removed fromrepparttar 132708 blacklist.

Permanent When an IP address is added to a permanent blacklist any email server configured to block email from this list will never receive email from that range of IP addresses again.

Comprehensive This isrepparttar 132709 most damaging of blacklists. Not only does it block a single IP address it also blocksrepparttar 132710 IP addresses next to it. For example ifrepparttar 132711 IP address was added to a comprehensive blacklist then all IP addresses close to will also be blocked. This can be a huge problem for those website owners using virtual hosting because if your host has ever appeared on a blacklist then you're also onrepparttar 132712 same blacklist, by default, because ofrepparttar 132713 shared hosting fromrepparttar 132714 same IP range. It's important for all website owners to check whether or not they're on a blacklist. You'll need your IP address (available from your webhost) and you can check your blacklist status at:

Blacklists are a necessary evil due torepparttar 132715 volume of spam being sent each day but are not an exact science. Take a few moments from your day and ensure that your website or email address is not being blocked. reviews and tests antispam software solutions for the business and end user. Niall Roche is the content author and owner of

Why Your ISP Takes Bribes From Spammers

Written by Niall Roche

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But.....repparttar CanSpam Act 2003... surely that's going to make a difference? Of course.

Any ISP inrepparttar 132707 United States can get in serious, serious trouble for signing pink contracts. Problem is that there's a whole big world wide web out there andrepparttar 132708 vast majority of pink contracts are signed with overseas ISPs where US authorities have no jurisdiction - China and Russia being perfect examples.

There's no moral to this story. Spam is a huge problem that's finally being taken seriously by Governmental bodies. However until they start imposing prison sentences or seizure orders on those individuals and companies inrepparttar 132709 pink contract businessrepparttar 132710 problem can only continue.

Niall Roche is the content author and owner of which reviews and tests spam filtering software for the business and end user.

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