Is Your On-Line Business Customer Friendly?

Written by Philippa Gamse

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Of course, if you're really upscale, you can include a "Call-me" button on your site.

2. Return every e-mail or phone call inrepparttar same day, as far as reasonably possible. This may sound simplistic, but a recent experiment withrepparttar 109048 top Fortune 100 companies showed that nearly a third failed to respond to e-mail sent through their Web site within one month! Some of these companies still don't provide a usable e-mail address on their sites at all.

3. Acknowledge all orders. Send e-mail confirmations (this can be done very effectively with autoresponders), and if you're shipping actual products, give tracking numbers and expected delivery dates.

4. Provide a clear return policy, honor it and learn from it. This may give you more information about what's working and what's not. Jim's products are sometimes returned with no explanation, so his staff always callrepparttar 109049 customer to establish and resolverepparttar 109050 problem.

5. Expect more phone calls. Jim says: "Customers can't read or write!" If your Web site traffic and response rates grow (which is, of course, what we want), so willrepparttar 109051 volume of phone calls, whatever your business or industry.

Regardless ofrepparttar 109052 site quality, clear returns and privacy policies, secure servers, etc., people still require human interaction. All of my clients report talking to customers onrepparttar 109053 phone, and walking them throughrepparttar 109054 Web site, where their questions are clearly answered. Maybe these psychological barriers will lessen overrepparttar 109055 next few years, but right now, they are very much there.

If you can getrepparttar 109056 customer service aspects of your business working well, there'll be a definite bottom line impact. Jim is quite clear that his business has grown substantially through repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers.

And in contrast, we can seerepparttar 109057 impact of poor customer service and fulfillment procedures in many ofrepparttar 109058 dot.coms that are currently failing. Jim says that people buy things online inrepparttar 109059 expectation of getting something more valuable thanrepparttar 109060 actual money they spend.

Does your Web site do this??

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6 Reasons Why E-commerce Sites Fail

Written by Andrew T. LaPointe

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#4: Misunderstandingrepparttar Purpose ofrepparttar 109047 Internet: Many entrepreneurs believerepparttar 109048 sole purpose ofrepparttar 109049 Internet is to make immediate sales. While that isrepparttar 109050 goal, in reality,repparttar 109051 Internet is much more effective for building a long-term, loyal customer base. This can be accomplished by adding value to your site. The best way to do this is to provide information and tips on how to use your products and services. You can achieve this by creating a special information page on your site or with a weekly educational e-zine. #5: Not Keeping up with Technology: Internet technology is changing at light-speed. Internet entrepreneurs must be willing to keep up to date with ever-changing technology. The amount of information onrepparttar 109052 Internet can be overwhelming. The best way to overcome information overload is to continuously study a few high-quality sites and subscribe to select e-zines. #6: Inaccurate Guidance: Seeking professional guidance is always a wise decision. Sincerepparttar 109053 web is so new, many people believe they can read a couple of e-zines and become an expert. In some cases this is true, however, forrepparttar 109054 majority this is simply notrepparttar 109055 case. If you don't haverepparttar 109056 time or inclination to learn aboutrepparttar 109057 Internet, consult a professional that truly understandsrepparttar 109058 Internet.

Andrew T. LaPointe is President and CEO of Your Online He is also the author of the Internet course Your Online - A step-by-step Guide to Building an Online Fortune. His site is dedicated in assisting web entrepreneurs generate an income from the Internet.

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