Is Your Life Out Of Control? Then Do Something About It!

Written by Maria Marsala

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~Do you act or speak like you'll never be satisfied? ~Does your life go from a problem to solve or an item to do from your list, then another and another? ~Do you "never" have enough time? ~Do you stay around negative people or groups - just because you're afraid to be alone? ~Do you find yourself constantly putting yourself down in your self-talk or as you talk to others? ~Do you say "thank you" to a compliment or find something to criticize? ~Do you find yourself doing things you "really don't want to be doing"? ~Do you score high onrepparttar adrenaline addicted self-test? ~Do you gossip a lot? ~Do you give up on your dreams easily? ~Do you have people in your life who support you with "your dreams"? ~Do you find it easier to be a "victim" - oh poor me, look what they've done vs. your own best friend? ~Do you fear failure or success and stay "stuck" often?

If you've identified yourself inrepparttar 123906 list above,repparttar 123907 next question to answer is what are you going to do about it? Userepparttar 123908 updated analogy below to see what assistance you may require at this time in your life. Sometimes, we even can userepparttar 123909 assistance of a few people and new friends, too.

A therapist will help you explore your past and fears. A consultant will tell you how do it. A coach will provide you with tools and encouragement as you take action. A mentor will show you how. (original analogy author unknown)

So do it now! Take back control of your life. Empower yourself. Grow. Change your attitude. And you'll developrepparttar 123910 life you were meant to live!

Maria Marsala is an internationally known coach, author, and speaker. A former Wall Street trader and manager, she is the author of the ebook Thinking of Starting a Business... Let's Talk About What's Next. Subscribe to her free ezine "Helping You and Your Business Grow" at


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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As an author, when you tell your story or relate your feelings, or even report on an event, itísrepparttar way you present what you are writing and in essence, it is sharing yourself with others.

Whether you do write, or paint, or work in a factory, you are whatrepparttar 123905 world will see today. Go out onrepparttar 123906 limb. Donít let a single day go by that you donít give your world allrepparttar 123907 strength you can muster, andrepparttar 123908 ability to know that you are reaching for that fruit atrepparttar 123909 end of your limb. Maybe, and you may never really know, you helped someone start climbing their own tree and even reach that prize that at first seemed so far out of reach. Believe in yourself, reach out for new heights, and give onlyrepparttar 123910 best example of what a person can do withrepparttar 123911 life they are given. You will reach people, you will touch hearts, and you may just berepparttar 123912 one person that makes a difference to another between closing that prison door of self-imposed failure or opening a window and breathing inrepparttar 123913 fresh air.

Whatever you do in life is never self-contained. Every action is like a pebble that is thrown inrepparttar 123914 water. The ripples grow larger and larger. Your actions or attempts at livingrepparttar 123915 best life you can will have that same effect inrepparttar 123916 world. If you donít throw in your stone, then that ripple may not reachrepparttar 123917 one person where only you can make a difference. Donít let this tragedy happen. Give of yourself to whatever you undertake so that others may grow. Your own harvest will just be that much sweeter. ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 May

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