Is Your Geranium Turning Yellow?

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Rust - rusty looking spots, plant turns yellow Treat with fungicidal spray.

Dropsy - mostly a problem with indoor plants that show lesions Donít waterrepparttar plant so much and put it inrepparttar 142791 sunniest spot you can find.

3. Look for pests such as caterpillars, flys, mites,termites and slugs are garden pests that might like to make a meal of your geraniums. You can control most of these pests with special sprays that you can get at your garden supply store. Aphids are another problem that may be controlled with ladybugs. Slugs can be captured simply by putting out a saucer of beer.

4. Make sure you fertilize properly. Geraniums like a soil that has plenty of nitrogen and lack of it can causerepparttar 142792 plant to turn yellow. If you suspect this could berepparttar 142793 problem, then you might try fertilizing with a fertilizer that has a high concentration of nitrogen.

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How To Plant And Care For Geraniums

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Geraniums are hardy, but like any plant can be susceptible to disease. Some common disease are Black Leg whererepparttar stem becomes blackened andrepparttar 142790 leaves fall off, Leaf Spot where leaves become spotted and drop off, Gray Mold whererepparttar 142791 plant has gray moldy spots, Rust whererepparttar 142792 plant gets rusty looking spots and leaves turn yellow and drop off, Root Knot nematodes -swelled roots and stunted growth and Dropsy which produces lesions onrepparttar 142793 plants.

To combat most disease, remove all leaves that are infected, make sure you do not take cuttings from any plant with disease. When watering make sure you do not splashrepparttar 142794 leaves.


Some common geranium pests include:

Caterpillars - some caterpillars like to much on geraniums (perhaps they have heard of itís medicinal properties?). These can be controlled with sprays.

Aphids - try controlling aphids with ladybugs or a special spray.

Whitefly - usually starts inrepparttar 142795 greenhouse but can spread torepparttar 142796 garden on infested plants. Small white flys and black sooty goop can be seen onrepparttar 142797 leaves which will fall off after turning yellow. Can be controlled with sprays.

Mites - Causes leaves to curl and drop off Ė control with sprays.

Termites - Subterranean termites tunnel throughrepparttar 142798 stems of geraniums causing them to turn yellow and die. Treatrepparttar 142799 soil withrepparttar 142800 appropriate termite treatment. Donít let them get to your house!

Slugs - slugs love gardens but they also love beer. Leave a saucer out and you will catch more than your fair share of slugs!

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can find out more about geraniums. Visit for more on Geranium care.

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