Is Your Ezine Being Zapped?

Written by Michael Southon

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(3) Instead of saying 'to unsubscribe' (which is a phrase commonly found in sp^m), say 'If you no longer wish to receive...' or 'If you wish to leave this mailing list...' or 'To take yourself off this list...'

(4) If there are trigger words that you simply cannot avoid, you can disguise them using carets (^) or other symbols. The 'F' word would become fr^e andrepparttar 'U' word would become uns^bscribe.

(5) Includerepparttar 132732 word 'Newsletter' inrepparttar 132733 subject line of your email - this will helprepparttar 132734 filters identify your email as non-sp^m.

(6) Avoid whole words in upper case. In many Newslettersrepparttar 132735 headers are capitalized - this will triggerrepparttar 132736 filters.

(7) If your Newsletter contains ads, scrutinize them carefully - ezine ads, by definition, contain words frequently used by sp^mmers.

Here is a fr^e service that will help you avoid sp^m filters. Before you mail out your Newsletter, just send a copy of it torepparttar 132737 email address below with TEST inrepparttar 132738 subject line:

Within a few seconds you'll receive a report that analyses your Newsletter and gives you a score (0 to 5=no problems 12-16=overrepparttar 132739 limit for most ISPs).

If you write articles, it's worth submitting them to this test as well, together with your Resource Box (I just sent this article to Sp^mCheck and got a score of 4.6).

Sp^mCheck is operated by Sp^mAssassin, a filter that is widely used by ISPs - so this is a good test of whether your Newsletter will get through to your subscribers.

Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3 years. He has shown hundreds of web masters how to use this simple technique to get massive free publicity and dramatically increase traffic and sales. To find out more, please visit:

Why do we hate spam so much?

Written by Linda Landry

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live withrepparttar reality of germs. Will we ever become accustomed torepparttar 132730 reality of a computer virus? We have adjusted to junk mail in our snail mail boxes and telephone solicitors dialing our number without permission, so why do we get so upset about spam? It has becomerepparttar 132731 number one topic and it is being labeled as abuse. Perhaps we should just learn to use our delete key and appreciaterepparttar 132732 availability of this free avenue of communication; before it becomes regulated.

(Linda Landry isrepparttar 132733 Editor/Publisher of CYBERSHOPNEWS which is a weekly free ezine. A copy can be reviewed on her site at Brother site: You may contact her about this article at Reprint permission is granted ifrepparttar 132734 article is printed in it's entirety and with this resource box.) _____________

Linda Landry is a new net 'marketeer' with two retail websites an a new ezine, Cybershopnews. She is a publisher dedicated to presenting quality articles and an affordable media for you to promote your online biz opps.

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