Is Your Customer Service Excellent?

Written by Claude Hopkins and Terry Dean

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Granted, Neiman-Marcus is an upper-end retailer and it is inconceivable for you or me to offer anything to compare with what they are doing for their loyal customers.

The point is... what are you doing to bring your customer back?

Your new customer will receive a thank-you confirmation electronically which will probably contain other URLs to your other programs or products. Correct? But what else?

Right now you haverepparttar perfect opportunity to send a very personal email to that new customer. You may be thinking "I don't have time to send out personal emails after every sale." Well, you can't afford not to. The next merchant will if you don't, and that'srepparttar 127484 merchant who will gain a loyal customer.

Offer your new customer your personal assistance and attention afterrepparttar 127485 sale. Give them all of your contact information: email, phone number and address. Also, let them know that you have a "complimentary gift" for them as a "thank-you" for their purchase. Try to avoidrepparttar 127486 word "free." This word seems to have lost it's power due to its being used in almost every ad onrepparttar 127487 Internet.

When you offer to give personal assistance to your customer, make sure you are available during certain business hours. Answer your emails as quickly as possible. An immediate response is impressive and creates trust.

"Once you have your customer's trust, you have wonrepparttar 127488 most valuable prize in business."

"Care for your customer and they will return..."

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Using the Internet & automation as tools for salespeople

Written by Dave Kahle

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The initial cost is no longer an obstacle, as several Internet- based programs have been introduced recently which allow you to use contact-management software viarepparttar Internet on a monthly- rental basis.

4. Presentations. The computer-enabled salesperson uses a laptop with presentation or video programs to present a new product or service torepparttar 127483 customer. Using these tools means that you can prepare a colorful, animated, talking presentation, and view it together with your customer. That allows you to make sure you get allrepparttar 127484 important details intorepparttar 127485 presentation, and presentrepparttar 127486 product as positively as possible. Taking time to create a presentation in a stress free environment of your home or office ensures a far higher quality inrepparttar 127487 presentation than if you attempt to adlib as you go in front ofrepparttar 127488 customer.

Store your supplemental paper-based literature onrepparttar 127489 computer, and print sell sheets with a portable printer on an as-needed basis. Watch allrepparttar 127490 clutter inrepparttar 127491 back seat of your car disappear.

You can take this concept to a deeper level. Your company's marketing department, for example, can createrepparttar 127492 product presentations and make them available for allrepparttar 127493 salespeople via CD ROMs, downloads overrepparttar 127494 web, or internal networks.

Manufacturers can dorepparttar 127495 same for their distributors. Instead of relying completely on a salesperson visiting and training your distributor salesforce on new products and promotions, why not create those product presentations and make them available to automation-enabled distributor salespeople overrepparttar 127496 Internet?

5. Becomerepparttar 127497 customer's search engine. There's no doubt thatrepparttar 127498 amount of information available onrepparttar 127499 web in growing exponentially. It takes time to search through it all to find answers torepparttar 127500 questions you, and your customers, have. Yet all of your customers are suffering today with more to do and less time to do it than ever before. Time isrepparttar 127501 most precious commodity ofrepparttar 127502 Information age.

The person who can find information onrepparttar 127503 Internet for someone else, and thereby save him or her time, is of great value. I routinely pay people to searchrepparttar 127504 web for information that I want. I don't haverepparttar 127505 time to do it myself, and it's a service that is of value to me. You can serve that function for your customers, becomingrepparttar 127506 trusted source of applied information.

Learn to userepparttar 127507 Internet to research product applications, competitive products,repparttar 127508 competition, technical details, and whatever other questions tempt you or intrigue your customer. One way to prevent your customers from usingrepparttar 127509 Internet to replace you is to preemptrepparttar 127510 process. Build your Internet skills torepparttar 127511 point where your customers come to rely on you as a trusted source of important information, and you'll become irreplaceable to them.

6. Share your success. We've only just scratchedrepparttar 127512 surface ofrepparttar 127513 ways in which an automation-enabled outside salesperson can use computerization to become more effective. There are probably thousands of specific things you can do more effectively via computerization. You may have some powerful and unique applications yourself.

Here's an invitation to share your techniques with other salespeople. If you have a technique you'd like to share, visit Kahles Korner, a bulletin board for salespeople, and submit your idea. Use your browser to open this page:, and click onrepparttar 127514 button For "Salespersons Members Board." When prompted for a username, type "slspeople," then use "sales" as a password. Post your idea, or reviewrepparttar 127515 ideas of others. To entice you, we'll send a free copy of my new book, The Six-Hat Salesperson, to three salespeople every month inrepparttar 127516 year 2000 who submitrepparttar 127517 best ideas that month.

You can no longer afford to be computer or Internet ignorant if you expect to prosper as a salesperson inrepparttar 127518 21st Century. The time to make proactive moves to become automation-enabled is now. ###

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