Is Your Company Name Killing Your Online Business?

Written by John Buchanan

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Just as your site title should have your most important keywords within them, so should your company name.

Why you ask??? The answer....directories.

In directories, when a visitor usesrepparttar search function (which is whatrepparttar 128380 vast majority use) you will only be found ifrepparttar 128381 search termrepparttar 128382 visitor uses is found either in your site title or your description. Unfortunately, virtually all directories require your site title to be your actual company name. Remember that directories are powered by humans, not software. A human reviewsrepparttar 128383 site, and assignsrepparttar 128384 title and description that he/she decides is correct. Yes, they all let you suggest a site title, but ultimately, regardless of what you submit, your title almost always end up as your company name.

Looking again atrepparttar 128385 above example, this would mean that your title in almost all ofrepparttar 128386 directories would be "The Brewmaster". This meansrepparttar 128387 only place you would have left to put your keywords would berepparttar 128388 description, and this again is up torepparttar 128389 editor. This means that any site that hasrepparttar 128390 search term "coffee" or "gourmet coffee" in bothrepparttar 128391 title and description would come up far ahead of your site inrepparttar 128392 search results, costing yourepparttar 128393 traffic and sales that could have been yours.

*The URL*

Here is another very overlooked tool. Whenever possible, your URL should contain your most important keywords. Many engines and directories will give your site a boost if your keywords are found within your URL. Also, when you submit your site torepparttar 128394 directories, if your URL, your company name, and your site title all match, that will virtually guarantee that you will getrepparttar 128395 title you requested.

Let's tierepparttar 128396 three previous areas together with an example of what you could have named your site instead of "The Brewmaster".

Here's one possible alternative: "Gourmet Coffee Brewmaster".

The above alternative would give you a company name that includes our most important keywords andrepparttar 128397 perfect title for your page.

You could then reserverepparttar 128398 domain - -

giving you a perfect trifecta. The same company name, page title, and url, practically insuring that you getrepparttar 128399 directory listing you want.

Of course, this is only one possibility, but I think this should illustrate my point.

To Summarize

-Unless you have a huge advertising budget or are an extremely well branded business, DO NOT name your online business something like repparttar 128400 above example.

-Use a business name that contains your most important keywords.

-Use this business name as your site title

-Use a URL that contains your most important keywords and whenever possible, isrepparttar 128401 same or as close as possible to your keyword laden business name. Follow these rules and you should have no trouble in developing a very steady flow of large amounts of traffic fromrepparttar 128402 directories and you will be well on your way inrepparttar 128403 search engine arena as well.

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Ask Mr. D - On Search Engine Tactics

Written by Bill Daugherty

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If you don't have Meta Tags in place, things can get ugly. The spider will move torepparttar text on your page, withrepparttar 128379 end result being a really messy site description and no keywords ... that's bad!

Meta tags should be placed betweenrepparttar 128380 head tags of your sites code. They should contain your site's title, description and keywords. If you are not knowledgeable about building meta tags, I suggest you consult someone who does. Even it cost you a few bucks,repparttar 128381 amount of traffic increase you will see will more than make up forrepparttar 128382 cost.

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