Is Your CRM System Destined To Fail?

Written by David Cowgill

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Once your document is finished, get everyone to sign off on it. As standard practice, ensure that document is handed to all new employees at your company.

How do I reinforce this as time goes on? Try this: select a couple of records - both good and bad - every week, to put onrepparttar overhead at staff meetings. Make sure you donít unduly embarrass anybody but watch this becomerepparttar 148040 light-relief highlight of your meetings! People learn best when having fun!

What if your database is in one unholy mess? Hasrepparttar 148041 rot set in so deeply that your database needs a complete overhaul? Turn this seemingly insurmountable task into an opportunity to you. This is an excellent excuse to re-establish contact with your clients and let them know you care.

Importantly, help your staff understand what you need fromrepparttar 148042 data to facilitate more accurate marketing and reporting and hencerepparttar 148043 success of your business and their careers.

By creating a sense of pride and ownership inrepparttar 148044 company database, you are nurturingrepparttar 148045 essential process of buy-in, necessary forrepparttar 148046 success of your CRM initiative. Donít compromise this critical tool by allowing your CRM software to be infected by inferior data.

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Bar Charts Come Alive through Data Visualization

Written by Joe Miller

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Using data visualization, Company C now reviews reports electronically. First,repparttar general bar charts show general sales across fiscal quarters. Company C now wants to see sales broken down by region inrepparttar 148001 second quarter, so they click onrepparttar 148002 2nd quarter bar ofrepparttar 148003 original bar chart. The regional sales forrepparttar 148004 second quarter are displayed, and within a click or two, Company C can gather information as specific or general as they need to. A few clicks will take Company C from a specific store allrepparttar 148005 way back to general sales trends without any shuffling, allowing information to be compared and analyzed quickly and easily.

Bar charts have come alive through data visualization, which has enabled information to become interactive. Information can now be compiled and compared according a companyís needs.

Interactive bar graphs are also referred to as Flash Charts and Interactive Maps.

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