Is Your Business Running YOU?

Written by Sharon Davis

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While I don't want to run out and start buying every program out there that might save me time, I have broken out ofrepparttar pattern of saying, "I can't". Now I'm asking, "Can I afford not to?"

The benefits of this approach are many. I find that I have more time with my family, less stress, and I again haverepparttar 131922 time to do what I loverepparttar 131923 most....write, research and grow my business.

I'm resolved to keep this from happening again. Here are some things you can do to avoid straying from your path to success:

-Keep things in perspective Write downrepparttar 131924 reasons that you started your business inrepparttar 131925 first place and post them somewhere where you can see them and look at them periodically.

-Prioritize Ask yourself, "Is this reallyrepparttar 131926 best use of my time?" Recognize when you need help and make changes.

-Evaluate Continually look at your processes and ask, "Could there be a better way of doing this?"

-Network Peers are a great source of advice and support. Chances are one of them has been in your situation and will have good advice. Join discussion lists or peer groups that share similar goals and challenges. Research your options and make informed decisions.

Byrepparttar 131927 way,repparttar 131928 client that I lost? He came back. When I contacted him to let him know what I'd been doing to improve my search engine results, he was so impressed with my responsiveness that he placed another order with us.

I got lucky with that one, but I've learned a valuable lesson--- I can't let my business run ME.

Sharon Davis is the owner of 2Work-At-Home.Com, the Editor of the site's monthly ezine, America's Home and mom to two girls. In her spare time she reminisces about what it was like to have spare time. To subscribe to her free ezine, visit

ONE MILLION hits within 3 months..... without using Search Engines.

Written by Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst

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One thousand sites sending you (say, only) 3 visitors a day would result in !!! Hmmmmm

And, here'srepparttar kicker. Search Engines are increasingly rating a site's popularity byrepparttar 131920 number of ON-TOPIC links it's got to it.

So, get your linking strategy right andrepparttar 131921 double whammie here is that your popularity rises inrepparttar 131922 search engines "without you doing a damned thing."

Of course if you were to do all this manually we'd still be having this conversation next century. "Getrepparttar 131923 little robots to dorepparttar 131924 work I say, and in this case it's called ZEUS."

NOW... [caution] This is a not some smoke and mirrors technique. It requires knowledge, a little expense and effort... but it works.

AND, if you truly want to ramp uprepparttar 131925 action then get yourself a mentor.

Glenn Canady got over ONE MILLION hits in 3 MONTHS using this wonderful robot with its effective linking strategy. This traffic is FREE and PERMANENT... and it only continues to increase.

Glenn got so excited about his results that he wrote a book about it, explaining how it's all done.

Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst _______________________________________________________

"If you haven't worked this out, you soon will. There's a lot of NONsense zapping around in cyber-space.

Find out what works, what doesn't... and what's worth your money." Subscribe torepparttar 131926 e*Analyst ezine - _______________________________________________________

KJ Doyle... Born with the promotional strategist's gene... followed by twenty successful years in Media, Marketing, PR and copywriting.

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