Is Your Baggage Holding You Back?

Written by Linda Reeves

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We do not want to hear about your ex, how badly they treated you, ran up your phone bill, and cleared out your bank account orrepparttar things that were wrong with them. Know what this tells someone? You are not over it, you are still angry and hurt and certainly “not emotionally available”. You need to face these issues head on and let go of them before considering new beginnings. Deal with your emotions, feelings, and move forward thus unpackingrepparttar 132144 excess baggage.

Realize and accept your situation and its circumstances, when it is over, takerepparttar 132145 time to grieve and deal with your feelings and then set them aside, clear your mind and your heart of all obstructions and embark on your new journey with a clean slate.

In conversations with someone new, tell them about yourself, what you like to do, what are your passions, your goals in life, your job, your children, your pets or anything that is a positive, and forget aboutrepparttar 132146 negative. Let me tell you this, you let that negativity creep back in and you are going to be sitting home alone watching sappy movies and crying over lost love when you could be enjoyingrepparttar 132147 world that is there to be explored.

So, unpack your bags and putrepparttar 132148 unnecessary items away! Storerepparttar 132149 baggage, be it emotional, physical or human, you no longer have any need for it. Seekrepparttar 132150 new horizon ahead of you,repparttar 132151 happiness that awaits you andrepparttar 132152 satisfaction of knowing that what you have to offer another person isrepparttar 132153 greatest of all gifts, but let that gift be of you, your present and your future,repparttar 132154 past done, time to begin anew.

Remember…..always travel light.

nda Reeves is a 47 year old advice columnist who writes for Cupids Blackbook a free dating site on the web. She Lives in the American midwest.

Merciless Spouse: Terri's Saga

Written by Soulful-Writer

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Michael Schiavo's actions against Terri's blood relatives even in Terri's final moments only confirmrepparttar extent of this man's need for absolute control over Terri and all matters pertaining to her. Domestic abuse is about power and control, Michael Schiavo is a classic example ofrepparttar 132142 heartlessness and arrogance prevalent in abusers. Terri endured almost 14 days of excruciating pain and silent despair as her body withered away. Her stamina allowed her to survive againstrepparttar 132143 odds as if, in doing so, she was lettingrepparttar 132144 world know that her husband was lying and she did not want to die this way.

Don't let her death and suffering be in vain. Write to your Congressman and demand an investigation intorepparttar 132145 cause of her condition and her husband's actions throughout her ordeal. We must not allow another human being to be condemned to such a horrible death by anyone, not even a spouse orrepparttar 132146 courts, ever again!

Soulful-Writer is a freelance writer with a background in broadcast journalism. She focuses her writing on human interest and inspirational stories.

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