Is Working From Home Really For You?

Written by Joe Bingham

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It's not easy doing things differently, but unless you dorepparttar job you'll never progress. This is where your desire to succeed will be tested.


Trust me on this one. It is SO easy to start wanting to liverepparttar 117544 benefits of working from home before you've earned them. Sure, you'rerepparttar 117545 boss, you can take a day off whenever you want, but then nothing gets done that day either.

You will need to be able to discipline yourself, motivate yourself, and regulate your activities. You'll still need to work toward goals, meet schedules, and plan forrepparttar 117546 future.

Lack of continued effort is probablyrepparttar 117547 number one cause of failure in home businesses. Many, many people haverepparttar 117548 desire, some haverepparttar 117549 courage, but most still falter when it comes to gettingrepparttar 117550 work of building their own business done day after day.

It's going to take a while to get where you want, and it will take continued effort not only to reach your goals, but maintain that lifestyle once you've gotten there.

Working from home is NOT an occupation reserved for any sort of elite group. Others that have proven successful at it are no better than you, me, or anybody else.

It REALLY is possible to makerepparttar 117551 dream of working from home come true. Yes, anyone can do it.

It's simply a matter of having an active desire, courage to make changes, andrepparttar 117552 discipline to see it all through.

So, IS working from home REALLY for you?

Only you can answer that.

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Are You Afraid to Sell?

Written by Elena Fawkner

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The concept of "relationship marketing" does NOT mean getting up close and personal with your customers. You'll save yourself a lot of grief and angst if you just keep things businesslike and professional - friendly to be sure, but not *overly* personal. It's possible to be friendly and helpful in a professional, businesslike manner without stepping overrepparttar line intorepparttar 117543 personal. The people you're dealing with are not your friends, they're your customers. Of course, over time, you may become friends with certain people who started out as customers. But don't start fromrepparttar 117544 position that you have to be friends with your customers in order to engage in relationship marketing. You don't. Keep it businesslike and professional and you won't raise any unrealistic expectations.


One way of keeping yourself in check is by constantly testing your decisions againstrepparttar 117545 criteria "is this decision inrepparttar 117546 best interests of my business?". If so, do it, recognizing that something can be inrepparttar 117547 best interests of your business even if it doesn't involve cash flowing in your direction. If not, don't.

Occasionally, it will be inrepparttar 117548 best interests of your business to do something that may be perceived by your customer as a personal favor. An example might be giving a refund for a purchase under circumstances whererepparttar 117549 customer is not strictly entitled to one and where you have an ongoing relationship withrepparttar 117550 customer. You do so inrepparttar 117551 interests of customer service and this is certainly an example of something that is in your business's best interests.

Sometimes, however, customers can take advantage of such a policy. To forestall this type of problem, if you decide to do something that benefits your customer/reader/visitor over and above what they have an entitlement to, make it clear, in a subtle way, that you are doing so for business reasons. Be prepared to set limits though. Know how far you are prepared to go before it stops being a business decision and becomes a personal one and torepparttar 117552 detriment of your business interests.

Being uncomfortable saying "no" is not a good enough reason to sacrifice your business's best interests if that'srepparttar 117553 right decision in allrepparttar 117554 circumstances.


Don't be shy about promoting your products and services and letting your prospective customers know you would like for them to purchase from you. Be direct, open and honest about it. For example, if someone emails me and asks for my advice about how to get started in an online business of their own, I'll recommend products that I think will benefit them.

Usually, if I like a product, I'll be an affiliate and so every time someone purchases that product following my recommendation I earn a commission. Would I recommend any products that are directly relevant to my business that I don't have a financial interest in? No. Why? I have a profit motive. My time is money. The key is inrepparttar 117555 products. If I thought there were better products out there thanrepparttar 117556 ones I was promoting I'd recommend them too. But only after I signed up as an affiliate so I could earn a commission from my recommendation.

Onrepparttar 117557 other hand, occasionally I'm asked to recommend a webhost. I'm an inactive affiliate of one ofrepparttar 117558 major webhosting companies but I never recommend them because I think they're too expensive. In this case, I referrepparttar 117559 enquirer torepparttar 117560 webhost I use for my own site. I'm not an affiliate of theirs and I have no financial interest in makingrepparttar 117561 recommendation. I'm not particularly interested in webhosting as a product to promote so I haven't bothered (yet) to sign up for my webhost's affiliate program. It's just an honest recommendation just asrepparttar 117562 recommendations I make for products of which I am an affilliate are honest recommendations. The only difference is, I make money onrepparttar 117563 latter and why not?

The point is, so long as you're making an honest recommendation, there's no reason why you can't make a profit atrepparttar 117564 same time. It's a win-win situation. So stop being afraid to sell. It'srepparttar 117565 reason your business exists but it won't for long if you don't sell.

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Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions forrepparttar 117568 work-from-home entrepreneur.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur.

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