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Written by Jim Schulte

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I recently did a survey of publishers with less than 200 subs, and ones with 10,000 plus. They all saidrepparttar same thing. I don't know how many people read my publication.

They did however offer ideas on how to get a handle on how many are really reading what you put out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some try offering free reports, or information, that always brings outrepparttar 124230 quiet ones.

One publisher offered this explanation. "I sent out my latest ezine, and minutes later I had 12 new leads that I was certain had to come from ezine readers because ofrepparttar 124231 offer I was making". That only told him that 12 people read his offer. But how many readers don't respond to these types of offers, and how do you know THEY are readingrepparttar 124232 newsletter?

The bottom line to this whole thing is that no one really and truly knows how many people readrepparttar 124233 ezines and newsletters ofrepparttar 124234 world. I thought that Terri Seymour hitrepparttar 124235 nail onrepparttar 124236 head with this quote "I do not know of a way to trackrepparttar 124237 actual reading of an ezine, but I would love to find one".

I say all ofrepparttar 124238 publishers ofrepparttar 124239 world should just keep banging away on their keyboards and put outrepparttar 124240 best damn publication they can. When you have no more subscribers, then scraprepparttar 124241 whole ezine newsletter idea.

This could be a very hard thing for publishers to do however, because how will they know if they have lost all of their subscribers, when nobody knows how many subscribers read their newsletters inrepparttar 124242 first place.

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Hey Chicken Little, The Sky Ain't Fall'in

Written by Jim Schulte

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There is always opportunity in a crisis situation. I amrepparttar eternal optimist so I always look forrepparttar 124229 good when bad things happen. Sort of like, all clouds have a silver lining kind of outlook.

Here is a Chicken Little joke about how a second grader saw an opportunity in that potential sky falling incident.

A teacher was telling her studentsrepparttar 124230 story of Chicken Little. She asked Mary what she thought Farmer Brown said when Chicken Little knocked on his door and told himrepparttar 124231 sky was falling. Little Mary thought for a moment and then replied..........I think Farmer Brown said....Holy shit, a talking chicken!

You see, Mary thought for a moment and concentrated onrepparttar 124232 talking chicken aspect of that whole disaster, and could have cared less whether or notrepparttar 124233 sky was falling.

As publishers, that's what we should be doing. Looking for, and finding out about new laws and what's good for our subs. They are counting on us to give them honest and accurate information.

We cannot ask them to re-subscribe inrepparttar 124234 next 48 hours, or they will be deleted from our sub base, because of repparttar 124235 new laws. When we do that, we are sending a message to them that we were not aware of things we should have been. I myself did not re-subscribe to two newsletters because of that reason.

We have to do our homework and be on top of situations before they happen. When I sawrepparttar 124236 trend of re-subscribing starting to develop, I started asking questions of people I trust, and did my own research.

I did not send my subs a re-subscribe email, because I knew I was handlingrepparttar 124237 new subs correctly. That's not being an in -your-face know it all, that'srepparttar 124238 honest truth.

When we react hastily to any given situation we give up some of our credibility as a professional. We don't want to do that, nor do we want to create undo panic inrepparttar 124239 subscribers we all work so hard to gain.

So, to everyone that publishes an ezine or newsletter, including myself. I say, let's all remember this....... Hey Chicken Little, The Sky Ain't Fall'in.

************************************************************** Authors note: If any publishers would like information on where to go to viewrepparttar 124240 new s*am laws, (I have some great links from Michelle at SDT AdVantage) or a copy ofrepparttar 124241 welcome letter I send to new subs, or other things related to protecting your newsletter. Please feel free to contact me at I will be more then happy to give you all ofrepparttar 124242 info I have gathered in last week.

Jim Schulte is the editor/publisher of the Internet Marketing Junkie newsletter. He has a passion for writing and has authored several articles. He also writes newsletter and website reviews, and has composed ads for online marketers.

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