Is There Spice in Your Websites?

Written by Dr. Denise Bennerson

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Then, came inrepparttar negative reviews from various individuals who revisited. They wanted to know where were allrepparttar 132079 moving stuff andrepparttar 132080 music. They inquired, “What happened to your site? I used to send people to your site, just to see what it looked like. I thought it was a nice site.” That bit of feedback re-assured me that I needed to go back and add some spice to my site.

I began to addrepparttar 132081 spice, keepingrepparttar 132082 format. Bit by bit I added back some ofrepparttar 132083 animations. In particular,repparttar 132084 swaying palm trees andrepparttar 132085 lizard withrepparttar 132086 bouncing head. Those two animations everyone likes. I also addedrepparttar 132087 walking feet and a fish swimming. These animations are tastefully placed through outrepparttar 132088 site. In addition, I added some other interactive components. The site is constantly being updated. It changes to keep it freshly spiced for all visitors.

Now I’m not recommending that everyone should spice up their website with swaying palm trees and lizards. However, I would recommend that you add spice to your web site according to your gut feelings. Also take into consideration you and your products culture. The infusion of spice can make a big difference in someone glancing at your site and leaving, or staying around to see what other goodies or surprises you may have to lure them. Yea, mon!

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The Top Ten Non-Techie Ways to Drive Traffic to your Web Site

Written by Judy Cullins

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5. Host a forum on your site where people can interact fully and you can share your knowledge and offer suggestions. It's a great way to help others and get these people visiting your site often because they want to know you as a real person. Without a chance to interact with you people lose interest. Allow your visitors to post a message or reply to other messages. They will check back every few days for new messages or replies. To find these services, do a search on "free webmaster resources." Two specific ones: and Check out this discussion group

6. Remind your visitors to bookmark your site. Tell them you update information daily or weekly. Put reminders on all of your pages. If you omit this, you pass up a great opportunity to lure repeat, loyal visitors. You want more visitors, and you want them to spend more time on your site. The more time they spend on your site,repparttar more likely they will check out your products or services pages

7. Serialize some of your content. If visitors get it all in one visit, what's to keep them coming back? Put one part of an article, home study course, special report, or excerpt from your book on your site each week or so. Let people know this through your eMagazine.

8. Post a monthly special only for your Web visitors. Call it "Discount of repparttar 132077 month," or "Freebie ofrepparttar 132078 month." Without incentives your audience will go elsewhere. Feature this opportunity in your ezine and provide a live link straight to it.

9. Enjoyrepparttar 132079 journey. Each day, you can learn something that will make your Web site more real, more YOU. Avoid being stiff-let your passion show! Add some personal information such asrepparttar 132080 personal column. 'The Coach's Corner' inrepparttar 132081 ezine, "The Book Coach Says," mentions personal writing and marketing set backs, boo boos, along with a tip or so. Put this personal message on your site too.

10. Put "useful links" as a navigational bar on your home page. People like repparttar 132082 convenience of shopping for services and products all on one Web site-yours!

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