Is There Really Any Way to Make Big Money With Affiliate Programs?

Written by Lisa M. Cope

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On torepparttar job of promoting your new affiliate business.

There are of course many ways to promote any new business. There are way to many to list in this short article. Lucky for you there are many excellent books onrepparttar 102527 subject. Two really good ones are The Associate Program Marketing Handbook, by Marlon Sanders and Super Affiliate Strategies, by Jimmy D. Brown.

Just to give you an idea of where you can start I'll list some ofrepparttar 102528 best ways that I know of to promote any business online.

First Create a free newsletter. Provide interesting content,useful information and mix in a plug or two forrepparttar 102529 affiliate programs you are promoting. You can submit your ezine to online ezine directories and promote it on your web site to get subscribers.

Participate in chat rooms or on discussion boards related torepparttar 102530 product you're promoting. Again provide useful information be helpful ask questions. Don't post blatant ads. That is a big NO NO on most boards unless otherwise stated. Ifrepparttar 102531 time presents itself while you are chatting, mentionrepparttar 102532 product. If it doesn't then let an attention getting signature file, that you have created give them a good reason to visit your affiliate site. Remember you arerepparttar 102533 gentle persuader.

You may also consider putting together a free ebook or writing short informative articles with useful information and a link to your web site then submit it to some ebook or article directories, like and

Another good thing you can do is write your own ad copy. Think about it this way. If allrepparttar 102534 affiliates are usingrepparttar 102535 same ads your just another ad inrepparttar 102536 crowd. But, if you write your own ads it will give you an edge over your competition.

One more thing to remember is that nothing goes as far as your own personal endorsement. Reviewrepparttar 102537 product then in your own words explainrepparttar 102538 benefits and results your customers can expect by usingrepparttar 102539 product. Use gentle persuave words to peek your prospects intrest and get them to click on your affiliate link that is your main objective. Letrepparttar 102540 product sales letter dorepparttar 102541 hard selling for you! After all you arerepparttar 102542 gentle persuader.

So to answerrepparttar 102543 question "Is There Really Any Way to Make Big Money With Affiliate Programs?" The answer is a resounding YES YOU CAN!

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Why You Should Be an Affiliate of Several Products

Written by Dennis Eppestine

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As you can see fromrepparttar above examples, it just makes good sense to promote more than one product.

Now, how to manage them? Belonging to several affiliate programs can get confusing. It's easy to forgetrepparttar 102526 URL or repparttar 102527 username and password. Here's what to do:

1) Write down every affiliate program you belong to. The list is probably longer than you think!

2) Open up Word (or whatever word processor you like) and start listing each complete URL to EVERY affiliate program. Then, beside each one, enter your username and password.

3) PRINT THE LIST! If you join a new one, enter allrepparttar 102528 information, and print a NEW list. If you're computer has troubles, you won't believe how glad you'll be that you printed this document!

Think you won't forget a detail? You will. Maybe not at first, but before you know it, you'll belong to several affiliate programs, and you'll forget a username or password. Then you'll have to frantically search through hundreds of old emails, crossing your fingers that you didn't delete it.

So join as many affiliate programs as you need, just keep track ofrepparttar 102529 details.

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