Is There Network Marketing Without Hype?

Written by Gobala Krishnan

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They want to hear that they will be able to make money easily without shedding blood and tears. They want to hear that they don't need to learn any new skills. They want to hear thatrepparttar product you're promoting is 100% perfect and that people will be lining up and punching each other to buy it. They want to hear that success is looking for them.

And as long as those people exist, there WILL be hype in network marketing. When there is demand, there is supply, as my economics teacher used to say once. There's nothing much you or I can do about it. Hype kills network marketing for all those who choose not to walk that path, but it's something that we have to live with.

I also believe just as there are those who WANT hype, there are also those who wantrepparttar 139805 truth. And what's that?

The truth is that network marketing is not perfect. No business model is perfect. There's always a risk that you'll fail. There's always a risk that you'll lose money. There's always a risk that all those things you don't want to happen, will happen.

As long as you're ready to accept that risk, as long as you find someone who is wiling to sharerepparttar 139806 truth with you, and willing to sharerepparttar 139807 risk with you, won't it be worth it to explorerepparttar 139808 possibility that network marketing promises?

If you fail in network marketing, a business opportunity that has no fixed costs, low investment, and one ofrepparttar 139809 best cash flows compare to any other business, will your life really be worse off than it was when you didn’t realize YOU had a choice?

Or will you be better off than those who never tried simply because they were too afraid of failure? That's something to think about.

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How to Succeed in MLM Without Really Trying

Written by Steve Lowell

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If you are struggling in MLM, it could be because you are trying to recruit people forrepparttar wrong reason, thus, usingrepparttar 139724 exact wrong approach and as a result of all that, recruitingrepparttar 139725 wrong people.

This brings us to point number 2; recruitingrepparttar 139726 wrong people:

Identify people who have a requirement for change first; people who have expressed through conversation some unwanted condition that might prompt them into action. Even then, you need to further qualify them as a prospect before your spout off about your company, your products or your awesome compensation plan.

The people you should be looking for are people who have a specific set of qualities. The ideal type of people who makerepparttar 139727 best business building partners are those people who…

1.have a desire for change,

2.are people oriented type individuals,

3.are influential, in as much as they commend respect fromrepparttar 139728 people in their lives and have an impact onrepparttar 139729 lives of others,

4.are involved in service clubs, networking business clubs, or active inrepparttar 139730 community; they understandrepparttar 139731 concept of networking as part of a legitimate business model,

5.are financially able to invest in their business in order to facilitate growth.

The more of these characteristics an individual possesses,repparttar 139732 more likely they will be to actually succeed in network marketing. Once you have qualified your prospect using these criteria and determined that they posses enough of these characteristics to be considered a good prospect, only then should we beginrepparttar 139733 process of trying to help them solve their unwanted condition by inviting them to explore a solution.

Be an outbound networker, and watch your income grow.

Steve Lowell is president of SJ Lowell Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario Canada; a business consulting firm and founder of The MLM Executive Round Table at Evaluate Steve’s marketing strategy for yourself at

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