Is There A Future For Spam?

Written by Niall Roche

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Could data embargos be used to "choke" spammers of their online resources? The Internet itself is compromised of 13 central "pillars" and millions of nodes. A joint venture betweenrepparttar US, UK andrepparttar 150932 EU could theoretically shut down entire nodes to certain countries - a sort of E-embargo. No data in. No data out. In a world that relies so heavily on data this could bring any offending spam supporting country to its knees in just a few hours.

What'srepparttar 150933 likelihood of either scenario ever developing? Anywhere from non-existent to highly probable. We live in a world where absolutes mean nothing as each day passes and we surpass what was previously thought impossible.

The future of spam is a dim one. Public outrage andrepparttar 150934 drain on bandwidth and Internet resources as a whole has forged a bond of common anger between Joe Soap users and big business worldwide. The message is clear - Spam Has To Go!

What was once a very lucrative business forrepparttar 150935 spammer may soon be putting up a "Closed Due To Lack of Business" sign. Let's hope so.

Niall Roche runs which reviews and tests spam blockers and also provides tons of information on the origins of spam and how to fight it.

Now, Even A Monkey Could Easily Accept Online Payments

Written by Michael Filsaime

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6. Monkeys don't like any monkey business. They won't be required to offer a 100%, 90 day money-back guarantee and will have complete control over their refund policy.

7. Monkeys know it's hard to keep track of a bunch monkey affiliates. They will be able to track their clicks, sales, and conversion stats. Plus, they can automatically e-mail them all atrepparttar same time.

8. Monkeys don't like all those flexible banana selling fees. They will all swing fromrepparttar 150931 trees over a flat sales fee that can be split up byrepparttar 150932 monkey vender and monkey affiliates.

9. Monkeys eat bananas every month. Most of their loyal customers will want to buy a monthly membership. They can set up an automated monthly membership and bill them all monthly.

10. Monkeys don't know how to create web pages, links or graphics. No sweat, they will be provided with instant order buttons, secure download pages, an affiliate sign up page, an affiliate promotion area, affiliate tools, etc.

Look, I know you're not a monkey or you wouldn't be reading this right now. You can check out this incredible system at for yourself and see if you agree:

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