Is Someone Stealing Your Source Code?

Written by Michael Southon

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Inrepparttar sub-folder you'll find an HTML file that containsrepparttar 131820 source code you were looking for. Again, this won't fool experienced users, but it's worth a shot. Here isrepparttar 131821 code:

(3) Disabling Right Click

This is an old trick and experienced surfers know how to get around it. Here it is anyway - a script that disables Right Click:

(4) Disabling View Source

I searched high and low for a script that disables 'View Source' inrepparttar 131822 browser menu bar, and couldn't find one.

Here is a script that is supposed to disable 'View Source' - I tried it out in my browser (IE 6.0) and it didn't work, so perhaps it only works in older versions of IE:

(5) Encryption plus frames

This is a technique that will work on all butrepparttar 131823 most experienced web surfers. Here isrepparttar 131824 code for doing it:

I've created a copy of my index page usingrepparttar 131825 above technique - if you click on View Source, all you see is a jumble of characters:

Well, that's it! All you need to know about hiding your source code.

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Surfing For Credits.

Written by Joseph Robert Neil James.

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The problem of cheaters is continuously being dealt with, but cheating cannot be eliminated completely. There are two groups of start page surfers –repparttar first group are those that pay for other members to view their websites. The other group are those that view website, to earn credits, to have their own websites viewed.

The average honest surfer knows that there are problems with these start page surf programs or they wouldn’t jump from one start page program to another, they all have features that make it easy to surf.

I’m now going to list criteria to improverepparttar 131817 value of Start page website views:

·Members should only be allowed to surf website categories, they have interest in. ·Members should only be allowed to view websites, eight times. Any further viewing should be websites they haven’t viewed before. ·Members should be paid in cash or website viewing credits i.e. 1,000 website credit could be paidrepparttar 131818 following way, 25% paid in cash and 75% paid in credits, with a minimum payment of $5 - payable via Paypal, whenrepparttar 131819 surfer has achieved, 1,000 credits.

Several days ago, I joined a surf for credits program, which is in its infancy. When I joined and contactedrepparttar 131820 owner, he encouraged me to point out any feature I would like to see included. This new program is unique in it simplicity. The website URL is listed atrepparttar 131821 bottom of this article. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments.

Joseph Robert Neil James resides in Warwickshire, England and is an author, husband, father, grand-father, and Great-Grand-Father Having spent many years in the "Direct Mail Advertising" business, whilst living with his wife and four children in Australia - Joseph is now retired and enjoys working with his computer and researching with a Pendulum.

Surf for Credits Program:

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