Is Someone Plagiarizing Your Work?

Written by Michael Southon

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Unfortunately, internet plagiarism is flourishing. There's now a whole industry that supplies college students with 'model' term papers forrepparttar purpose of plagiarism. Here are just some ofrepparttar 129699 websites that are part of this industry:

School Sucks

Other People's Papers

Evil House of Cheat

Butrepparttar 129700 plagiarism industry has spawned another industry: websites and software designed to detect plagiarism. One such software was developed by ( and (

This is how it works:repparttar 129701 software makes a 'digital fingerprint' of a submitted document using an elaborate set of algorithms. That fingerprint is then checked against a database that contains over 1 billion publicly-available web pages. then produces an 'originality report' that givesrepparttar 129702 user an index of how originalrepparttar 129703 submitted paper was, and whether it falls above or belowrepparttar 129704 'plagiarism threshold'.

This software, however - while an excellent tool for college professors - probably wouldn't help writers find out if their work has been plagiarized.

---------------------------------------- What Can You Do About It? ----------------------------------------

The Internet is so vast, chances are you wouldn't know if someone had plagiarized your work. I only discovered that my work had been plagiarized becauserepparttar 129705 'author' sent his plagiarized article to me for publication in my own newsletter.

But if you do discover that someone has plagiarized one of your articles, you could do what I did.

I immediately contactedrepparttar 129706 author ofrepparttar 129707 'article' and requested that he email everyone to whom he had sentrepparttar 129708 article, explaining that it was plagiarized, and that they should on no account publish it. I added that if he did not withdrawrepparttar 129709 article from circulation I would contact his web host andrepparttar 129710 moderators of any lists that distributedrepparttar 129711 article.

The author replied within a few hours and admitted thatrepparttar 129712 similarity betweenrepparttar 129713 2 articles was "VERY uncanny". He said he had no idea "how they could be so similar". But after a few emails, he did withdrawrepparttar 129714 article.

In a way, it's a compliment when someone plagiarizes your work: it means you're writing good stuff. But that's little consolation. If you make your living from writing onrepparttar 129715 Internet, plagiarism could berepparttar 129716 greatest threat to your livelihood.

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Simple Writing For Super Sales

Written by Grady Smith

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A headline is to introduce them torepparttar first paragraph. The first paragraph leads them intorepparttar 129697 second. This continues throughout your sales letter. If one paragraph doesn’t lead to next by straying formrepparttar 129698 subject, then you’ve just lost a customer.


Write like you speak. Keep your tone simple and conversational. Envision yourself sitting across from a friend explaining your product to them. I use this technique for everything I write, and believe me it works.

A personal, me to you sales letter isrepparttar 129699 secret to good copy. Your words are your salesperson, so they need to be human and show that everything you’re saying is directed right atrepparttar 129700 reader.


People get really overwhelmed looking at a cluttered page of copy that seems to run on forever.

Put them at ease. Let them take in your sales letter in small gulps by breaking it up into easy to chew bites.

Keep your paragraphs short and tightly focused. Throw a few one-sentence paragraphs intorepparttar 129701 mix to create a clean, orderly, reader friendly page.

The best sales letter can be understood with no thought needed byrepparttar 129702 reader. They shouldn’t have to research your terminology or whip out a dictionary to understand your offer.

Remember keep it simple. Your bank account and visitors will thank you for it.

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