Is Search Engine Positioning Dead?

Written by Michael Buck

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Think about that.

They didn't stumble upon one of your ads, or wander past a hyperlink to your site. And they didn't get a banner ad thrown in their face. They maderepparttar *decision* to actively searchrepparttar 128192 keywords that brought them to YOUR website. And when they get there, they are ready and willing to do business with you. Atrepparttar 128193 very least, they're seriously considering it!

But merely getting your website “indexed” or listed inrepparttar 128194 search engines is not enough. In order to get any significant traffic fromrepparttar 128195 search engines, your website must be listed withinrepparttar 128196 top 30 search results (preferablyrepparttar 128197 top 20).

Very rarely will anyone look beyondrepparttar 128198 first 30 results returned from a search. This makes perfect sense becauserepparttar 128199 most relevant sites are always listed atrepparttar 128200 top. So if your prospect doesn't find what they want withinrepparttar 128201 first 20 to 30 listings, they'll simply do a new search.

If your site falls anywhere belowrepparttar 128202 30th listing, you don't stand a chance against anyone inrepparttar 128203 TOP-20. Hence, it should be your goal to achieve Top 20 positions.

So how do you get your website listed inrepparttar 128204 top 20?

1) You can attempt to gain these Top 20 rankings yourself. However, this can easily become a full time job. (I think this is why so many marketers advise against focusing on search engine positioning.)

2) You can hire a reputable company who can achieve AND maintain your Top 20 rankings for you (be sure they guarantee their service and have several verifiable clients that currently have multiple Top 20 rankings).

3) You can do nothing at all. But as you’ve seen fromrepparttar 128205 third party statistics I referenced above, search engine positioning is something you can’t afford to ignore.

Whichever choice you make, I hope that your eyes have been opened torepparttar 128206 tremendous profit potential that exists with top search engine placement.

Michael Buck is a marketing consultant & Director of Marketing for To find out more about top search engine placement and how you can attract targeted traffic with multiple Top 20 rankings - visit You may also call Mike at (310) 798-0467.

Creating Link Popularity - Without Getting Banned

Written by Dan Thies

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Get The Links Indexed! It doesn't do you any good to set up links ifrepparttar search engines never find them. You can submitrepparttar 128191 pages that link to you, but most search engines nowadays won't index them unless there are other links to those pages somewhere onrepparttar 128192 web. Consider adding a "resources" page to your site, linked from your home page, with links to allrepparttar 128193 individual pages that link to you.

How To Make Sure Your Links Get Indexed In order to ensure thatrepparttar 128194 links pointing to your site get indexed, you really have to take an additional step, and set up a second domain and website. The gardening website inrepparttar 128195 above example might need a partner site like "" with a single page pointing to allrepparttar 128196 links pages you've set up.

Once you've set uprepparttar 128197 secondary domain, add a link to it from your main site's home page, and wait forrepparttar 128198 search engines to index it. Don't forget to link back to your primary site, of course - not just your home page, but any content pages as well. You should submit this additional site torepparttar 128199 same directories that you use to list your primary site.

It also helps to ask for an additional link to your secondary domain when you set up links swaps. Just explain howrepparttar 128200 secondary site helps both partners, by adding link popularity and helpingrepparttar 128201 links pages get indexed. Any sensible webmaster will gladly addrepparttar 128202 second link.

What Happens Now? Asrepparttar 128203 link popularity of both of your sites grows, they begin to feed on each other. Don't neglect to track any search engine referrals to your secondary site - if they grow to a high level, you may want to turn it into more than just a links page. If you've done a good job of optimizing your primary site, though, chances are your secondary site will never outrank your primary site on any search.

If you take these initial steps today, and commit to a program of link building for ten minutes a day, your site's traffic will begin to rise dramatically within just 2-3 months, and it should only get better if you stick withrepparttar 128204 program.

I wish you success.

Dan Thies has been helping his clients (and friends) promote their websites since 1996. His latest book, "Search Engine Fast Start," is available at

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