Is PayDotCom a good alternative to ClickBank?

Written by Mark Tse

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However, PayDotCom has very great potential since it uses Paypal and Stormpay as payment processors. These two are leading payment processors inrepparttar world, millions of members are using them everyday.

Since PayDotCom has more advantages to merchants than ClickBank, therefore, if you are current ClickBank merchants and are going to sell new lines of products, or you are not a ClickBank merchants yet, I highly recommend PayDotCom to you.

PayDotCom is now FREE to join as merchants and affiliates, here isrepparttar 149720 link to join:

To your online success, Mark Tse

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Guerrilla Marketing and How It Can Work for You

Written by Kate Smalley

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To overcome this competitive challenge,repparttar home security business decided to offer a more comprehensive product and included a 100-percent, money-back satisfaction guarantee. It also offered free security seminars to neighborhood watch groups, discounts for referrals and complimentary security audits to customers who signed up for a time period. The new approach worked like a charm. Within several months of opening,repparttar 149683 business received doublerepparttar 149684 amount of customer sign-ups it had originally anticipated.

Here are some simple ways you can you capitalize on guerrilla marketing:

Invest time, energy and creativity into marketing, instead of money. Use a blend of marketing weapons, instead of a single tool. Carefully focus all of your marketing tactics, instead of using a random approach. Tailor marketing messages to individuals, instead of groups. Focus on making long-term relationships, rather than sales. Form mutually-beneficial business partnerships.

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