Is Ontology the Next Big Factor in Google's Algorithm?

Written by Bobby Heard

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Not only is it important to have related keywords so that you can rank well forrepparttar keywords that youíve targeted, but if you do your homework properly you can actually generate quite a lot of traffic from strategically placed ontological words. If you think about it, it is a situation that will help you in more ways than one. Forget just dropping in a word here or there, make sure that you have a nice array of words that relate to your keywords. Donít hesitate to include them in your your meta tags and page titles. The underlying though behind Googleís change isrepparttar 138895 removal of spam. As long as you keep that in mind while writingrepparttar 138896 content of your web site, you will be fine.

If thereís one thing that we all hate when it comes torepparttar 138897 internet, itís spam. Now, Google has stepped up and insured itís searchers that, while Gmail is still a work in progress, they at least wonít have to deal with spam in their search results.

Bobby Heard ( is the Vice-President of Abalone Designsan Internet Marketing and SEO company in Vancouver, Canada, which offers great SEO results at affordable prices.

5 Critical Pay-Per-Click Tips

Written by By Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO

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5. Test. Test. Test. Try different keywords, ad copy, landing pages and calls to action. Put your budget - whatever size it is - torepparttar best use after effective evaluation. The Search Engine Marketing Industry is estimated to reach $23 billion by 2010. The vast majority of SEM investment inrepparttar 138663 coming years will involve pay-per-click. We applaudrepparttar 138664 SEM vendors and companies who can prepare a coherent plan that produces outstanding conversions. But for allrepparttar 138665 clicks and conversions via pay-per-click, many SEM players will missrepparttar 138666 lead generation that natural SEO offers through greater Internet acceptance and traffic. The fact is, people are far more likely to click on a natural listing. Studies show that about 60%-70% ofrepparttar 138667 links people click on are organic, notrepparttar 138668 PPC variety. Again, be careful how you spend your online advertising dollars. Make them work for you!

Michael Murray is vice president of Fathom SEO, a Cleveland, Ohio-based search engine marketing (SEM) firm. A member of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), he also authored the white paper, "Search Engine Marketing: Get in the Game."

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